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By David Schonauer   Wednesday October 28, 2020

It’s election season.

And if you elect to, you can catch up on some reading from the past month. Learn about a state-of-the-at neural network that could revolutionize video streaming. Find out why drive-in theater screenings now count toward Academy Award eligibility. See a showcase of black female photography. Discover why old-school photographs from the 1980s might lead police to a serial killer. Learn about five mistakes that could hold back your photo career. Still thinking about the fly that crashed the vice-presidential debate? See how artists have used flies to make points throughout history. And more.

DIY Photography: This Neural Network Could Revolutionize Video Streaming

Researchers at Nvidia think they’ve found a way around the limitations of existing video streaming codecs with the development of a new neural network engine.

NoFilmSchool: Drive-In Theater Screenings Now Count Toward Academy Award Eligibility

With theaters being closed and then partially opened, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has voted that drive-in screenings will now count towards qualifying a film for the 93rd Oscars.

GQ: Luc Sante On New York in the 70s, Street Photography, a Magical eBay

The new book Maybe the People Would Be the Times, critic Luc Sante’s second collection of arts essays, takes readers back to that notoriously gritty decade of New York City, and onto other topics, including the strange afterlife of photographer Vivian Maier.

Conde Nast Traveler: Photographer Cristina Mittermeier on Dedicating Her Life to the Ocean

Cristina Mittermeier—marine biologist, conservationist, photographer, and co-founder of SeaLegacy, a nonprofit dedicated to protecting the ocean—explains how she became who she is. Listen to the podcast or reader the transcript.

Boston 25 News: Could School Photos Taken in the 1980s Lead to a Serial Killer?

A murder mystery stretching from Quincy, Massachusetts, to Florida.

Tin House Studio: These Mistakes Can Hold Back Your Photography Career

YouTuber Scott Choucino runs through five common mistakes young photographers make in just four-and-a-half minutes.

The Washington Post: Photographers in Mexico Documenting Distance Learning

During the first half of 2020, 1.5 billion students around the world lost out on education because of the coronavirus pandemic. In Mexico, about 31 million children were affected. In the spring, six photographers started documenting the lives of children affected by the school closure in a project for Quinto Elemento Lab, an independent journalism organization in Mexico City. Photo above by Selene Ugalde.

Fstoppers: When Does It Stop Being Photography and Start Becoming Digital Art?

There have never been more creative digital options available to photographers, from post-production to smartphone apps. But when is it no longer actual photography?

The Guardian: How Joana Choumali Set Her Imagination Free

The prize-winning Ivorian photographer talks about how she captures the energy of dawn in images shot in African cities then embroidered.

BBC: ‘'They Used My Picture and I Should've Got Paid for It’

Photographer Sean Heavey recognized his photo the moment he saw it on Stranger Things.

Scott Manley: A History of Cameras In Space

Astronauts have been carrying cameras into space since Gherman Titov flew on Vostok 2 in 1961, notes YouTuber Scott Manley

The Conversation: Mike Pence’s Fly, And Other Flies in Art

The fly that landed on Vice President Mike Pence’s head during the recent debate became a cultural sensation. But flies have been appearing in art since the Renaissance.
At top: From Joana Choumali


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