See It Now: Drone Video Shows San Francisco Looking Like 'Bladerunner 2049'

By David Schonauer   Monday September 14, 2020

Just when you thought 2020 couldn’t get worse, it got worse.

The wildfires raging in California, Oregon and Washington State have killed 23 people (as of yesterday) destroyed hundreds of homes and caused the evacuations of more than half a million. The fires have also filled the skies with so much smoke that experts have issued health warnings.

“It is apocalyptic,” Senator Jeff Merkley, Democrat of Oregon, said Sunday on the ABC program This Week. “I drove 600 miles up and down the state, and I never escaped the smoke. We have thousands of people who have lost their homes. I could have never envisioned this.”

The haze over a broad stretch of the West Coast has left the region with what officials have said was the worst air quality on the planet, noted The New York Times.

Photographers have been capturing the eerie red and orange skies across the west.  YouTuber DoctorSbaitso used a drone to show that San Francisco now looks like a dystopian setting from the sci-fi film Bladerunner 2049.

“Wildfires brought a crazy orange sky to San Francisco on September 9, 2020. This video was taken around 11am when it would normally be bright and sunny,” he notes. He shot the footage with a DJI Mavic Air 2 drone.

Just for a point of reference, here is the trailer for Bladerunner 2049:

The scene in San Francisco looked so much like the movie that another YouTuber, terrythethunder, has set the footage to music from the movie, noted DIY Photography.

Others on social media have noticed the similarity between western skies in 2020 and the dismal futuristic skies of the Bladerunner movie, added DIYP. If you’re going out to photograph the scene, be careful.

You might consider wearing a mask.


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