How To: Remove Noise from Audio, Create Slow Shutter Speed Timelapses; Edit Timelapse Video, and more

By David Schonauer   Monday September 21, 2020

Your video needs better audio.

And in today’s roundup of filmmaking tutorials from around the web you find some help on that score: We feature a video from YouTuber Mike Russell showing how to how use Adobe Audition (part of Creative Cloud) to remove background noise from your video’s audio track. “Noise reduction and restoration is a common problem and something Adobe Audition solves really well. The native noise removal tools work fantastically well. Here's how to fix common issues such as wind noise, mouth clicks along with background noise and static,” notes Russell.

Of course, as with all audio solutions, you’ll end up with better results if you start with good-quality audio, so you’ll want to focus on recording the cleanest audio you can.

And speaking of removing unwanted stuff from your videos: YouTuber Justin Odisho has a tutorial on how to remove distracting visual elements from your video using the content aware fill tool in After Effects. The tool has been around for years in Photoshop, but Adobe recently added it to its digital visual effects, motion graphics, and compositing application.

And of course there’s more.

1. How to Remove Noise From Audio

Get rid of distracting wind noise and more with Adobe Audition.

2. How to Remove Visual Elements from Video Using the Content Aware Tool in After Effects

Justin Odisho  shows you how to use this powerful tool to remove almost anything you want from your video shots.

3. Master this Timelapse Technique

You may have seen this cool effect in movies recently. Here Odisho show you how you can create it.

4. The Best (and Most Tedious) Way to Edit Timelapse Video

YouTuber Brent Hall takes you through his workflow for editing timelapse videos in LRTimelapse and Adobe Premiere Pro.

5. Improve Your Video Editing Workflow

Editing a video means managing huge files. How should you organize your workflow? Ben Gill at Oxenfree Film & Motion has insights. See his complete series at Fstoppers.
At top: From The Best (and Most Tedious) Way to Edit Timelapse Video


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