Mirko Ilic: Home and Abroad

By Peggy Roalf   Wednesday June 10, 2020

As Lockdown begins to be lifted—here in NYC at least—people are leaving home en masse, with streets so crowded and noisy when I went to the P.O. on Monday it seemed "normal". Now more than ever the urgency of keeping safe is everyone’s task. Artist/creative director Mirko Ilic recently sent info about the Anti-Corona Virus poster he created in conjunction with the Poster House museum, Print Magazine and the artist-run organization For Freedoms. Inspired by Steven Heller’s article in PRINT Magazine about posters commissioned during the polio epidemic, Poster House and PRINT asked more than 20 designers to contribute pieces that addressed clear public safety advice, support for the design community in New York City, and offering profound thanks to everyone—doctors, MTA workers, grocery store workers, shippers, food banks, and more—who continue to make the city run through the shutdown.

Mirko, who it must be stated is a longtime ally of, and is widely known for his activism, took the initiative to send the posters abroad. The report from his blog goes like this:

By mid-April, the Croatian version of my Anti-Coronavirus billboard was posted on 40 locations round city of Zagreb [made possible by  Nikola Djurekand Damir Belina] and the Slovenian version [made possible by Tomaz Drozg and Tam-Tam] of is posted throughout the city of Ljubana.

By mid-May,  Lennert & De Bruin  and  Overdeschreef  initiated the  Stay-Sane-Stay-Safe  project. By now they have 1,759 posters from 85 different countries. The project was posted on Instagram, only visible online and mainly seen by the design community. 

Graphic Matter  from Breda, Holland decided these posters belong out on the streets, and should be seen by as many people as possible. They bought 275 poster positions, the whole of Breda has 350, for three weeks. Now Graphic Matter prolonged the project with two pop up museums; each has twenty three posters and one poster with an introduction story. The two installations are traveling through Breda. They are aiming for seven locations in three weeks. The first four locations are Westerpark, Leystroom nursing home, Dr. Struycken Square and Rogdijk - Zwarte Dijk. So many people requested posters that Graphic Matter decided to distribute these thru six local shops, and give them away for free.

So whatever language you speak [more than 600 in NYC], Keep Going | Be Safe and Stay Sane | Stay Safe.

Editor’s note: The DART Board will return to its news format next week. For today, I post a correction just in from @forcegallery:

Group Solitude Zoom artist panels event, originally scheduled for this Thursday, June 11th, will be postponed until Thursday, July 9th, at 6:30pm-7:30pm, timed for the closing of the show on July 12th. Anyone who has already registered will receive a notification via Zoom. The original registration link remains in-place and valid going forward. Registrants will remain registered unless they choose to cancel. The link to register:


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