How To: Improve the Quality of Your Videos, Shoot Pro Timelapse With a Phone, Shoot Product Commercials, and More

By David Schonauer   Tuesday June 2, 2020

Shooting video can be daunting.

Even for experienced photographers.

As Fstoppers noted recently, creating video requires careful control of a variety of elements, from lighting and exposure to editing and storytelling, creating video requires car. You can pick up some insights on making more professional-looking videos in a new tutorial from YouTubers Becki and Chris, which we feature today. The tutorial breaks the filmmaking process into three part, the shot, the sound, and the branding. Want to make better videos? Start with the basics — get your camera’s exposure settings right!

Today’s tutorial roundup also insights from Singapore-based photographer Patrick Poh on shooting timelapse with a smartphone, as well as a lesson on shooting and editing stop motion at home. Feeling experimental? Film Riot suggest 5 easy VFX effects you should try.

On a more practical level, you’ll also find tips on video editing workflow, affordable video lighting, trade secrets for shooting product commercials, and more.

1. Eleven Ways to Improve Your Videos

This video from Beck and Chris covers everything from nailing exposure to capturing high-quality sound.

2. Shooting Timelapse With a Smartphone

If Singapore photographer Patrick Poh can shoot the video above with a three-year-old smartphone, you can shoot a timelapse with your smartphone too. Poh explains how at PetaPixel.

3. How to Shoot and Edit Stop Motion

Would you like to make a stop-motion video? Here, Marcos Rocha has some insights. NoFilmSchool has lots more.

4. Five VFX Effects You Should Try Now

This tutorial from Film Riot shows you how to create 3D titles that track through your shot, how to create a split-screen effects using masks and clean plates, and more.

5. Turn Your Tripod Into a Vertical Slider

Maybe you’ve already got a horizontal slider. But what if you want a vertical slider? All you need is your tripod, says YouTuber Mark Holtze.

6. Five Video Editing Workflow Tips

In this Film Riot tutorial, pro video editor Lucas J. Harger shares tips for speeding up post-processing. Tip number one: Organize your damn time line!

7. Video Lighting Basics with Budget Gear

Here, photographer Mark Duffy fills us in on the key aspects of a one-person lighting setup that's perfect for YouTube videos or talking head footage.

8. Three Simple Camera Setups For Overhead Shots

Shooting a cooking, crafting or DIY video? You’ll probably want to know how to get great overhead shots. This video from Filmora has some suggestions.

9. Product Cinematography Tips From Pro DPs

Here,  Indy Mogul's Ted Sim talks with commercial DP Kazu Okuda for insights on product cinematography.

10. Remove Background Noise From Audio

Nothing makes your video come off as amateurish as audio filled with distracting background noice. This video from Mike Russell will help you sold the problem.


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