PPD Readers Pandemic Projects: Andrea Fremiotti's 360 NYC

By David Schonauer   Tuesday May 26, 2020

Part two of our look at PPD pandemic projects switches coasts.

We recently featured photographer Kevin Steele’s portraits of people in Los Angeles living in isolation. “This is an unprecedented time.  We are all apart from each other but sharing a common experience,” Steele told us.

Today we spotlight Brooklyn-based photographer Andrea Fremiotti’s interactive VR 360 images shot in iconic New York City sites

But this is not the New York the world has become accustomed to seeming. Fremiotti’s images take viewers inside a deserted Times Square, along Central Park paths with masked city dwellers, across an empty Brooklyn Bridge, and more. The experience is immersive and visceral.

“I began shooting this ongoing project on April 16,” says Fremiotti. “My raw materials are purely photographic, not video or CGI. Using a pano head and tripod, I shoot a few dozen frames of each scene over several minutes, then manually stitch them into a sphere. The nature of the medium requires me to make an artistic choice for each frame in the final product (best exposure, the position of a person walking through the scene, etc.), so this project could be considered a visual editorial.

Note: We can only display screen captures from the work here, but you can go here to view the high-quality interactive images.

Fremiotti shot with a Sony a7R III and a Canon 17mm tilt-shift lens, then used a combination of Photoshop and PTGui panorama stitching software create the final 360 work. “To make the experiences interactive, I use Pano2VR virtual tour software. To output them as movies, I use Adobe After Effects,” she adds.

“I shoot mainly portraits and locations, but like many others at this time, I’m emphasizing other skill sets while practicing physical distancing,” says Fremiotti. “I have been experimenting with VR for several years, and I shot New York magazine’s first VR 360 feature — print and digital —in 2018. Some other clients include Netflix and Travel & Leisure.” Fremiotti has also won several SPD awards, a Lucie award, and was selected for the American Photography 36 annual.


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