How To: Shoot Hyperlapses with Low-End Gear, Shoot Tech Videos Like Apple, Kickstart Your Video Project ... and More

By David Schonauer   Wednesday April 8, 2020

You’ve heard it again and again:

Gear doesn’t matter.

But does that really hold true when it comes to shooting tricky hyperlapses?

YouTuber Matthew Vandeputte shows why you don’t need expensive equipment for hyperlapses in today’s roundup of motion art tutorials. Vandeputte notes that every modern “low-resolution” cameras “still plenty more than is required to put out 1080p or even 4K video,” notes DIY Photography

Would you like to know how to shoot cinematic product videos? A video from Syrp breaks down why Apple ads look like Apple ads.

Everyone wants to shoot epic b-roll, and there are lots of thoughts on how to do it. Today’s roundup features two b-roll tutorials. There are also tutorials on shooting handheld moves with your iPhone (even without a gimbal), how (and why) to master the cutaway shot … and more.

1. How to Shoot Hyperlapses With Low-End Gear

Matthew Vandeputte shows why you don’t need high-end cameras, gimbals, or other expensive gear to shoot awesome hyperlapses.

2. Five Interesting Camera Shots You Can Do With a Small Budget

Meanwhile, in this one-minute video Karen X. Cheng shows you five creative camera shots you can pull off with a small budget. See DIY Photography for more.

3. How to Shoot Cinematic Tech Videos Like Apple

In this video, Syrp shows how to create three of the most popular product shots used in Apple commercials — the hero shot, the detail shot, and the context shot.

4. Master the Cutaway Shot

A cutaway shot — interrupting  a continuous shot by inserting a shot of something else — is a powerful storytelling technique, notes NoFilmSchool. This video from Fandor will help you become a cutaway master.

5. Film and Edit Epic Coffee B Roll

In two videos, Peter McKinnon goes over the essentials of b-roll while brewing some coffee.

McKinnon breaks down transitions and more.

6. A Miminalist Approach to B-Roll

Here,  Sean Tucker shows why he doesn’t use multi-cameras, multiple lenses, gimbals, tripods, sliders, or drones to get great b-roll.

7. Should You Be Shooting 1080 in 2020?

It's been years since everyone said the future of filmmaking would be 4K. Here, Tony Northrup says there’s value in good old 1080 resolution.

8.  Get Smooth iPhone Handheld Shots With No Gimbal

Brandon Li shows you how to do it using a “plain vanilla iPhone 11.”

9. Five Lighting Patterns You Should Know as a Filmmaker

Add depth and drama to your video projects with five lighting patterns, explained here by Pye Jirsa.

10.  Five Bad Filmmaking Habits You Should Avoid

This video from Cinecom shows why you shouldn’t ignore camera height, background, lighting and more.
At top: Screen shot from Matthew Vandeputte video "Gear Doesn't Matter."

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