How To: Capture Winter Sports with an Action Cam, Shoot Dual Interviews, Get Great Audio Without a Recorder, and more

By David Schonauer   Tuesday January 7, 2020

It’s been a decade of action.

Over the past 10 years, action cams  have changed the game when it comes to sports videos. The small, wearable cameras have given athletes and filmmakers the ability to capture amazing tricks with unique angles, noted the Vimeo blog in a recent post, which we highlight today, along with other filmmaking tutorials from around the internet.

You’ll also learn how to shoot an interview with two people at once, how to do a perfect gimbal handoff, how to get great audio without a recorder, how to shoot epic B-roll handheld, how to get pro-quality video from a mobile device, and more.

1. Capture Winter Sports with Action Cams

Wearing the camera on your chest offers a similar POV perspective to wearing the camera on your head. But, notes the Vimeo blog, by filming from a lower angle, you can capture more of your arms and legs, offering another unique vantage. Plus, unlike your head, your chest offers a steadier vantage point.

2. Shooting Video Interviews with Two People at Once

Shooting interview videos with just one person at a time can be a difficult endeavor. When you add the extra dynamic of interviewing two people at once, things can get tricky fast, notes PremiumBeat, which offers a guide to doing dual interviews. You have to worry about framing, lighting, audio, and editing. The trick is to not let any one element overwhelm you.

3. Seven Tips for Shooting with Zero Budget

Got a motion project you really, really want to do, but little or no budget to work with? This video from THE DP JOURNEY shares seven tips for shooting with budgets hovering around zero. Be creative and work with gear you already have. And be willing to beg.

4. Turn Your Videos Into Great GIFs

Once, you could only make GIFs in photoshop. While this is still an option, Adobe Premiere added an amazing update a few years ago that make it a breeze, notes the Vimeo blog.

5. How to Do a Perfect Gimbal Handoff

There may come a time when you want to pull off a long, continuous shot that seems to go through a wall or surface. This video from PremiumBeat shows how to do it with a gimbal handoff. 

6. Ten Drone Mistakes New Pilots Make

Here, Jeven Dovey and Aldryn Estacio from FlytPath list ten common mistakes they see new drone pilots making, from not getting an establishing shot to pointing at the sun.

7. Get Pro-Quality Video From a Mobile Device

Can you produce high-quality video with just a mobile device? The answer is a resounding “yes,” declares VideoMaker.

8. Shoot Epic B-Roll Handheld

One way to get more powerful B-roll is to stabilize your camera, but you can produce great footage handheld, note Josh Yeo and Tommy Callaway in this video.

9. Get Great Audio Without a Recorder

We live in a world where everyone is walking around with the solution to most video production problems — including audio — right in their pocket. Using a smartphone may not be perfect, but it’s more than serviceable, notes the Vimeo blog.

10. Learn How Different Camera Movements Affect Viewers’ Emotions

Camera movement is an important decision for any filmmaking project, notes PremiumBeat, which looks at how subtle differences in camera movement can evoke different emotions.


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