Insight: End-of-the-Year Tax Tips for Photographers

By David Schonauer   Friday December 6, 2019

With all the confusing recent changes in tax law—which have a particular impact on people who are self-employed or run a small business—many creatives could use an end-of-the-year check-up, notes PDN, which surveyed a number of accountants for end-of-the-year tax tips. “Photographers who don’t plan for taxes don’t have money when it’s time to pay,” says NYC CPA Robyn Cohn, adding, “Taxes are supposed to be paid currently when you’re earning, not afterward. If you worry about the old taxes and not the new taxes, guess where you’re going to be next year? Once you get behind the eight ball, it’s difficult to recover.” 

Read the whole story at PDN.


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