The DART Board: Upper East Side Special

By Peggy Roalf   Tuesday November 26, 2019

The Upper East Side has been a bastion of Modern and Contemporary Art since the heyday of AbEx, followed by Pop, then Minimalism. Townhouse galleries provide an intimate setting for artwork that will eventually be seen in homes, rather than in white boxes. The recent opening of major new galleries, such as Gladstone 64, Skarstedt 64, and Cheim & Read [with Robert Mann Gallery on the move in 2020] have added a new buzz to the neighborhood. Following are current listings, with many not-to-be-missed shows on view. Above: Brice Marden (far left) at the opening of his current show at Gagosian Madison; photo © Peggy Roalf

50th to 71stnd Street

Xenia Hausner | Behind the Scenes, through January 3. Austrian Cultural Forum/in conjunction with Forum Gallery exhibition, 11 East 52nd Street, NY, NY Info

Richard Hughs | The Great Perhaps [sculpture]; Chris Martin, Paintings 1979-1994, through December 21. Anton Kern Gallery, 16 East 55th Street, NY, NY Info

Xenia Hausner, through January 11. Forum Gallery, 475 Park Avenue, NY, NY Info

Jessica Lange | Highway 61, through January 18. Howard Greenberg Gallery, 41 East 57th Street, NY, NY Info

Pierre Jahan, through January 18. Gitterman Gallery, 41 East 57th Street, NY, NY Info


Xenia Hausner, On Fire, 2018; at Forum Gallery and Austrian Cultural Forum


George Condo | Paintings, Works on Paper, through December 21. Skarstedt 64, 19 East 64th Street, NY, NY Info

Matthew Barney | Embrasure: drawings, etchings, sculpture. Through December 21. Gladstone 64, 130 East 64th Street, NY, NY Info

Ernest Briggs, Lawrence Calcagno, John Hultbert, Richards Ruben, Jon Scheuler, Herman Cherry | [post-war Migration of AbEX: New York/Bay Area], through January 3. Anita Shapolsky Gallery, 152 East 65th Street, NY, NY Info

Inaki Bonilas | Marginalia, through December 7. Kurimazutto, 22 East 65th Street, NY, NY Info

Donald Hamilton Fraser, through December 21. Rosenbert & Co., 19 East 66th Street, NY, NY Info

Lynda Benglis, Louise Bourgeois, Ron Gorchov, Al Held, Jenny Holzer, Bill Jensen, Joan Mitchell, Alice Neel, Serge Pollakoff, Sean Scully | In Honor of the New MoMA, through February 1. Cheim & Read, 23 War 67th Street, NY, NY Info

Georg Herold, through December 20. Petzel Gallery, 35 East 67th Street, NY, NY Info

Robert Morris | Para-architectural projects. Leubsdorf Art Gallery/Hunter College, 132East 68th Street, NY, NY Info

To Exalt the Ephemeral: Alina Szapocznikow | sculpture, through December 21. Hauser & Wirth, 32 East 69th Street, NY, NY Info

Bill Traylor, through February 15. David Zwirner, 34 East 69th Street, NY, NY Info


Left: To Exalt the Ephemeral: Alina Szapocznik at Hauser & Wirth

72nd to 78th Street

Johannes Nagel | Blumenrot, ceramic vessels, through December 14. Jason Jacques Gallery, 29 East 73rd Street, NY, NY Info

Chung Sang-Hwa | Excavations, through January 18. Levy Gorvy, 909 Madison Avenue, NY, NY Info

Jasper Johns | Crosshatch, through January 18. Craig F. Starr Gallery, 5 East 73rd Street, NY, NY Info

Katsura Funakoshi | A Tower in the Night Forest [sculpture and related drawings], through January 17. Van Doren Waxter, 23 East 73rd Street, NY, NY Info

Nona Faustine and Kit White | Shadowboxing, through December 31. Freedman Art, 25 East 73rd Street, NY, NY Info

Gerhard Richter | Prints, through December 21. Gagosian, 976 Madison Avenue, NY, NY Info

Albert Oehlen | Spiegelbilder, through December 21. Nahmad Contemporary, 980 Madison Avenue, NY, NY Info

Brice Marden | It reminds me of something, and I don’t know what it is, through December 21. Gagosian, 980 Madison Avenue, NY, NY Info

Roger Brown, through January 11. Venus Over Manhattan, 980 Madison Avenue, NY, NY Info


Katsura Funakoshi, at Van Doren Waxter


Frankenthaler & Motherwell | The Art of Marriage, through December 14. Mnuchin Gallaery, 45 East 78thStreet, NY, NY Info

Lineup, through December 14. Stripes in Modern and Contemporary art, including works by Bonnard, Matisse, and Picasso alongside Heilmann, Martin, Figgis and many more. Almine Rech, 39 East 78th Street, NY, NY Info

Wayne Thibaud | Mountains, through December 13. Acquavella Galleries, 18 East 79th Street, NY, NY Info


Rachel Feinstein | Maiden, Mother, Crone, at The Jewish Museum, photo © Peggy Roalf


Above 79th Street

The Met Breuer, 945 Madison Avenue, NY, NY Info

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1000 Fifth Avenue, NY, NY Info

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, 1071 Fifth Avenue, NY, NY Info

Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Museum, 2 East 91st Street, NY, NY Info

The Jewish Museum, 1109 Fifth Avenue, NY, NY Info

Museum of the City of New York, 1220 Fifth Avenue, NY, NY Info

El Museu Del Barrio, 1230 Fifth Avenue, NY, NY Info

The Extraordinary | Artists and the O-1 Visa, through February 29. Hunter East Harlem Gallery, 2180 Third Avenue, NY, NY Info

Anthe Zacharias | Shaken, Not Stirred: 1970s Color Abstraction, through November 30. David Richard Gallery, 211 East 121st Street, NY, NY Info

Peter Kim | A Present with No Return, through December 22. Whitebox, 213 East 121st Street, NY, NY Info



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