How To: Record Better Audio, Create a Moving Timelapse, Turn Your Podcasts into Video Podcasts, and more

By David Schonauer   Wednesday December 4, 2019

Audio is a challenge.

And that goes double for photographers transitioning to filmmaking.

But high-quality audio is crucial. And today’s roundup of motion art tutorials from around the web includes some sound advice on the subject of sound from filmmakers Parker Walbeck and Nick Sales. It all starts with location, location, location, because you don’t need unwanted background noise in your video.

What you probably do need is a decent microphone. DIY Photography stopped by the booth of mic maker RODE at the PhotoPlus 2019 event in Oct. to find out why sound is so important and how different microphones work better for different situations. Result: a tutorial that may help you choose your first mic.

There’s also insight on shooting great action-cam footage and top-flight B-roll. Learn how to create a timelapse of people from a vertical slider, how to turn your podcast into a video podcast, how to direct your first commercial, and more.

1. Ten Tips to Improve Audio in Your Videos

Find a good location—a carpeted room with couches and closed curtains to absorb echoes is good. Then get your mic close to your subject.

2. How to Choose Your First Microphone

Buying microphones is a lot like buying lenses, notes DIY Photography: A good one will serve you very well and last you for years, while a bad one will not live up to the task for long.

3. Create Match Cuts Like a Pro

Creative consultant and videographer Daniel DeArco creates smashing shot-to-shot transitions, and here he explains how you can, too.

4.  Shoot Better B-Roll

Everyone needs better B-roll. Why? It makes videos more interesting. This video from StudioBinder offers ideas on shooting pro-quality, cinematic B-roll that will knock your clients’ socks off.

5. How to Get Your Lights and Camera Into Impossible Places

Sometimes you’re faced with the task of getting all your gear into an impossible location — a place where there’s no way to hide C-stands or light stands. If you have a big budget, you might bring in cranes and overhead grids, but this video from Crimson Engine offers some more practical solutions.

6. Turn Your Podcast Into a Video Podcast

Heading into 2020, the numbers of podcasts continue to trend upwards, and, notes PremiumBeat, podcasters are looking to video as a way to stand out and as a way to increase revenue and followers. Here, YouTuber Javier Mercedes shows how to film a podcast.

7. Get Ready to Shoot Your First Commercial

Meanwhile, PremiumBeat also has tips for filmmakers who want to shoot commercials. It starts with learning about your clients’ business. You may also draw inspiration from music (above) and, notes PB, from photography.

8. Shoot a Timelapse of Moving People with a Vertical Slider

The basic principle of shooting a timelapse involving moving people, even if your camera is static, is pretty standard and fairly simple: You want to shoot with a longer shutter speed in order to capture that movement and motion blur of people as they move through your scene, notes DIY Photography.

9. Shoot Better Action-Cam Footage

Want to elevate your action-cam footage? This video from Premiere Gal has some ideas. Why not try a unique perspective … by mounting the tiny camera in your mouth?

10. Pro Filmmakers Should Stop Making These 5 Common Mistakes

Start planning. Don’t do everything yourself. And don’t make handshake deals. These are some of the insights that  Gene Nagata of Potato Jet shares in this video.
At top: a screen capture from the video 10 Tips to Improve Audio in  Your Videos”


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