How To: Shoot Gorgeous Interviews in Ugly Places, Make Better Travel Videos, and More

By David Schonauer   Thursday October 3, 2019

Shooting a documentary?

Or a commercial video that includes interviews?

You’re good to go if you’re working in a nice quiet, well-lit space. But guess what? That’s not they way it always works.

Today’s round-up of filmmaking tutorials from around the web includes some advice on shooting beautiful interviews in hideous places. Your first job, notes director of photography Casey McBeath, is to scout the location to see what you don’t want in the frame.

Speaking of interviews, we also have a tutorial from Adorama on how to capture perfect audio in a variety of interview scenarios and locations.

And for those who are feeling a little unstable about their filmmaking, we’ve got tutorials on what not to do with a gimbal. There’s also a tutorial with some OG Steadicam knowhow. And, of course, much more.

1. Shoot Cinematic Interviews … And Get Great Audio, Too

In the video above, from Indy Mogul, director of photography Casey McBeath offers ten steps for shooting interviews that are cinematically beautiful — even if you have to shoot them in dreary places.

Meanwhile, the video below, from Adorama, has tips for capturing pro audio during interviews.

The video explains not only techniques, but the tools you’ll need for great audio.

2. Ten Things Not To Do with Your Gimbal

Gimbals let you shoot pro-quality video, but like most everything else in this world, you can overdo it. This video from We Talk UAV spotlights 10 things things you shouldn’t do, gimbal-wise. (Don’t forget spare batteries!)

3. A Steadicam Expert Explains How to Move Your Camera

Dan Kneese is a Steadicam OG. In fact, he learned how to operate a Steadicam from Garret Brown, who invented the Steadicam. In this video from Indy Mogul, Kneece explains how to move your camera like a pro.

4. Why Your Travel Videos Suck

Here, YouTuber Thomas Alex Norman discusses three reasons why your travel videos aren't all you’d like them to be. Maybe they lack context. Or emotion. Or both.

5. How to Get a Super 8 Look … With a Mirrorless Camera

There are filters, pre-sets, and apps that will let you capture vintage-style Super 8 video. However, this video from FriendFilmsTheWorld shows how create a custom Super 8 look. Start by slowing down the frame rate.

6. Shoot Epic B-Roll

The “B” in B-roll doesn’t have to stand for boring. In this video, YouTuber Daniel Schiffer shows how he shot a B-roll cooking sequence, from setup to post.

7.  Learn to Edit Video in 15 Minutes

Is it time for you to get serious about video editing? You can learn how in just quarter of an hour, promises this Fstoppers video.

8. How to Shoot a Short Film

Ready to create a short film of your own? Get ready to storyboard! This video from James Matthews will get you started.

9. How to Grow Your YouTube Channel

YouTube channels can help you get your film out there. But it’s no fun to have a YouTube channel with no followers. This tutorial from Video Influencers explores how to grow your audience.

10. Random Lessons Learned From Making Films

You can learn a few things making films. Here Swedish director David F. Sandberg (Lights Out) offers up some of the filmmaking knowledge he’s accumulated, in no particular order. Example: The more characters you have, the harder a film is to make.
At top: a screen capture from How to Shoot Cinematic Interviews


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