What We're Reading: On the Indignity of Crisis Photos

By David Schonauer   Thursday July 11, 2019

“Photography, alongside literature, film, and journalism, has long been a tool for widening the emotional distance between Africa and the rest of the world,” writes freelance reporter Vanessa Okoth-Obbo at the Columbia Journalism Review. Okoth-Obbo assesses the impact of a gruesome photo documenting on the January 2019 attack by an Islamist militant group on the DusitD2 Nairobi hotel in Nairobi, Kenya — an image, she says, that many in Kenya viewed as a callous disregard for the people shown in the photo. It was “unlike the kind that American news outlets tend to distribute from violent scenes in the United States,” she writes.

Read the whole story at Columbia Journalism Review.


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