The DART Board: 06.19.2019

By Peggy Roalf   Wednesday June 19, 2019

Editor's note: This week’s “Over the Fold” feature,  Object Form: Thomas Stavovy, is adapted from an exhibition review by sculptor Marco Palli.

The Box | Thomas Stavovy, the current artist in residency in the Dumbo Sculpture Studio and Gallery of the New York Studio School (NYSS), recently opened his doors for The Dumbo Open Studios. This exhibition (which continues through June 29) explores the stated “Object Form,” revealing the artist’s interest in the “process of making,” as well as an unconventional approach to display or “presentation.” 

The predominant sculptural element is plaster that has been cast from reclaimed cardboard boxes. However, the artist also uses clay, paper, and found materials such as wood, paneling, wire, and conduit. Due to the constructive nature of these materials, which are more common at the hardware store than the artist’s supply store, one is instinctively provoked to question the “how was it made” aspects of the works. The materials do not always play a structural role—and the work offers abundant details that may pass unseen until they surprise you—some of which may be the result of structural plans that were left off halfway into the making, as well as details that have been carefully orchestrated from the very beginning of the fabrication.

In a side gallery, the artist displays a variety of works at varied scales: small and medium-sized, along with “The Minotaur” (left), a larger work standing directly on the floor. Mr. Stavovy has placed this grouping close to the walls in a semi-circular arrangement, in which the viewer could place her/himself in the center of the assembly surrounded by the works. This “inversion” of order, in terms of presentation, contributes to understand the artist’s dialogue between objecthood and personhood. 

The smaller pieces present something that feels personal and intimate, perhaps internal spaces, where the word “home” comes to mind, perhaps “aha!” moments, and even vast spaces contained in tiny models that feel monumental. While on the other end of the spectrum, the larger works reveal the artist’s focus on construction, together with a master workman-like dedication whose forbearance seems obsessed with absolute verticality and horizontality deemed evident in “The Minotaur.” Even when there is a diagonal element, or an arabesque component in dynamic instability, this element finds its significance in the vertical and horizontal parameters established elsewhere in the work.  Thus, here lies a reaffirmation of the tradition within the artist’s work, no matter how deconstructed the horizontal and its chum perpendicular may appear, the king remains king: the box. 

The artist’s constructive rigor and engagement with gravity can be compared to that of the builders of the ancient pyramids. However, while the pyramids were meant to last for eternity, these works by Mr. Stavovy seem to be meant to exist only for the present. 

The cumulative effect of contemplating these works, internalizing their material characteristics and process, together with the juxtaposition between intention and accident, make Mr. Stavovy’s work hard to define, label, or compare. The rigor to which these objects have been subjected, paired with their apparent transience, transports the viewer to a place apart from anecdote. This body of work connects to the tradition of Arte Povera, offering the viewer an opportunity to travel to a place out of time, urging to engage the work intellectually, apprehending the physical truth embodied by the object. 

Object Form: Thomas Stavovy, presented by the New York Studio School of Sculpture, Drawing and Painting/Dumbo Studios, 20 Jay Street #307, has been extended through July 29th, 2019. To schedule a visit please email Photos and text © copyright and courtesy Marco Palli


This Week in New York City and Beyond

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Wednesday, June 19

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Thursday, June 20

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Julio Le Parc,  Cercles fractionnés (tapis), this week at Perrotin Bookstore

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Christine Osinski, from Summer Days, Staten Island, at Joseph Bellows Gallery

Friday, June 21

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Sunday, June 23

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Monday, June 24

Christine Osinski | Summer Days, Staten Island. Joseph Bellows Gallery, 7661 Girard Avenue, La Jolla, CA Info