How To: Use a Pan Shot, Avoid Beginner Drone Mistakes ... and More

By David Schonauer   Wednesday June 12, 2019

Sometimes it’s good enough just to not be wrong.

Today’s roundup of filmmaking tutorials from around the web features a number of lessons about how to avoid common mistakes — including five mistakes you mustn’t make when switching from photography to video. (Here’s one: Don’t fall into the trap of shooting a 60 frames per second. Instead, shoot at 24fps to get that classic cinematic look.)

You’ll also find out about eight beginner drone filmmaking mistakes, and five big no-nos of shooting B-roll. Oh, and four color-grading mistakes novice filmmakers are prone to.

But don’t despair, it’s not all negative today. There’s one tutorial on speeding up your music-video edit and another on how (and when) to pan. There's a  primer on 10 camera shots every filmmaking should know, as well as insights on how to create smooth, dynamic transitions — and when to use them. 

1. Five Mistakes To Avoid When Transitioning from Photography to Video

There are some similarities between shooting stills and shooting video. But there are also crucial differences, notes YouTuber Teppo Haapoja in this video. Besides remembering to shoot at 24fps, remember that you’re going to need a good tripod.

2. Eight Beginner Drone Filmmaking Mistakes to Avoid

This tutorial from Drone Film Guide runs through mistakes filmmakers are likely to make when they’re starting to fly. Don’t use a drone simply to use a drone. Use aerial video to advance your narrative. And don’t fly too high, Icarus. 

3. Four Amateur Color Grading Mistakes to Avoid

One of the things that makes a video look professional is color grading. Here, Chrystopher Rhodes with YC Imaging goes over four color-grading mistakes beginners make. Because who wants to watch a gaudy video?

4. Five Big B-Roll No-Nos

You can be a B-roll master! Here, filmmaker Matti Haapoja explains what not to do — such as shooting too little B-roll.

5. Edit Music Videos Really Fast

When it comes to editing video, less time and better quality are the goals, notes NoFilmSchool. Here, Jakob Owens of The Buff Nerds shows you how to edit a music video in no time. Well, in a little bit of time.

6. How And When To Use Seamless Transitions

YouTuber Piotr Toczyski has a love/hate relationship with seamless, dynamic transitions. Here, he notes that such transitions can be very effective when used correctly, and he explains both how to make them and when to put them into your video.

7. Ten Lessons From Top Film Editors

Want more editing insights?  This video from This Guy Edits features interviews with top film editors. NoFilmSchool has much more on the subject, including this wise editing advice — keep your ego in check.

8. What Is a Pan Shot, and How to Use One

“The pan shot is one of the most blue-collar and adaptable camera moves. It needs to be in your repertoire.” So declares NoFilmSchool, which has produced a tutorial on the subject. The pan shot can help you follow a subject, transition through time, or reveal a plot point, notes NFS.

9. Ten Camera Shots You Should Know

When it comes to choosing what kind of shot to use, your options are massive. This video from Shutterstock focuses on 10 essential shots you should know about, from the medium and closeup to the establishing shot and extreme long shot.

10. Five Filmmaking Tricks To Have In Your Back Pocket

Here, Ryan Connolly of Film Riot offers some of his go-to filmmaking tricks — the kinds of ideas you may not use often, but that might be just the right thing to use at the right time. Learn all about the whip pan!


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