How To: Shoot Landscapes in Unattractive Light, Sharpen Your Macro Skills ... and More

By David Schonauer   Monday May 20, 2019

It’s time to get outside!

In today’s roundup of photo tutorials from around the internet, we strap on a backpack and get ready to shoot some landscapes.

And we’re not a bit worried about what kind of weather or lighting conditions we’ll be dealing with: There’s a lesson on how make the most out of overcast skies when shooting landscapes, and another on shooting landscapes in flat light.

We’ve also got a brush-up tutorial on the best camera settings for landscape photography, tips for improving your landscape photos, and some advice on common landscape mistakes.

Not into wide-open spaces? There are also ideas for macro photography and tips on how to sharpen your macro skills. Plus some tips for wedding photographers that you may have not yet heard, and some tips for portrait lighting.

1. Getting More Out of Overcast Skies in Landscape Photography

Who needs golden light? In the video above, YouTuber Andy Mumford shows you how to make overcast skies work for you when you’re out shooting landscapes. You’re looking for mood.

Meanwhile, in the video below YouTuber Chris Sale shows how he shoots landscapes in flat light.

Bottom line: If you happen to live in an area that’s often foggy or cloudy, you’re in luck.

2. Three Camera Settings To Master for Landscape Photography

In this 18-minute video, photographer Mark Denny reviews three camera settings every photographer should master for landscape photography and offers three  tests you can perform at home that will help you do that — the shutter speed test, the ISO performance test, and the depth of field test.

3. Seven Classic Mistakes in Landscape Photography

Here, Tom Mackie of Landscape Photography iQ goes over things you probably have done but shouldn’t be doing anymore. Are you using a cheap and unsteady tripod? Do you think enough about composition?

4. Seven Landscape Composition Tips

Speaking of which: In this video, Nigel Danson shares seven tips for improving composition in landscape photos. Among his suggestions: look for diagonals, think about triangles, and find a sense of balance.

5. Ten Tips to Improve Your Landscape Photography

After learning what not to do, meditate on YouTuber  Gary Gough’s 10 tips for improving your landscape photography. Remember, it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

6. Inexpensive Ideas for Macro Photography

Want to expand your macro photography repertoire? Without dropping a lot of cash on expensive equipment? Why not turn a Pringles can into a flash diffuser? That's one of the suggestions in this video from Cooperative of Photography (COOPH). Start shooting soap bubbles and sponges!

Meanwhile, Fstoppers has a simple tip for improving your macro photography, and TechRadar has some ideas about how to sharpen your close-up shots.

7. Easily Change the Color of Anything in Photoshop

Of course you can change the color of things using Photoshop. But it can be be a complicated process, requiring you to make a selection of the object you want to alter. Here, Colin Smith of photoshopCAFE shows how to do it the easy way, without making any selections.

8. Five Great Portrait Lighting Setups in Five Minutes

In a very brief time, YouTuber Chris Ord runs through five portrait lighting setups. You’ll learn how the various setups and different modifiers will produce different results.

9. Shoot Creative Portraits With Just One Light

There’s no shame in shooting portraits with a single light, if you know how. Here, Barry Mountford shows you what you need to know.

10.  Four Secret Weapons for Wedding Photographers

This video from Wes Perry offers some ideas for making wedding photography a bit easier. These aren’t necessarily the kinds of ideas you’ve heard before — besides offering tips for improving your photo skills, Perry advises you to take care of your health so you can handle the long hours it takes to shoot a wedding. Do you drink Soyent?
At top: From the video "7 PHOTOGRAPHY COMPOSITION TIPS to get BETTER PHOTOS now!" by Nigel Danson


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