How To: Shoot Event Video and Photos at the Same Time, Create Drone Wedding Videos, and more

By David Schonauer   Wednesday April 3, 2019

It pays to multitask.

And when it comes to shooting video and still photos of an event, it all seems so easy nowadays, what with multipurpose digital cameras and all the other modern gear available. 

Alas, shooting video and photos at the same time can be complicated. In fact, it can be “a terribly complicated and crazy adventure.” So notes Dallas-based video journalist Jordan Aldredge at PremiumBeat, where he offers tips on how event photographers can piggyback video into their work and earn extra dollars.

That is just one of the lessons you’ll find in today’s roundup of motion art tutorials. You’ll also learn how to shoot wedding videos with a drone — and how to create sizzling aerial videos with some sexy drone shots. You also find out how to improve your travel videos with a few editing techniques, how to shoot video in small spaces, and more.

1. Tips for Shooting Event Video and Photography at the Same Time

Just because shooting video and still photos at the same time is complicated doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be doing it, notes Dallas-based video journalist Jordan Aldredge at PremiumBeat. Aldredge offers 7 tips for doubling up — including this: Edit photos first, then video.

2. How to Shoot Weddings with a Drone

Likewise, if you’re shooting photos and video at a wedding, you might want to add to your creative repertoire with a drone. Alina and Stewart of Drone Film Guide have 12 tips for shooting weddings with a drone. Remember to fly with an edit in mind.

3. Twenty Dope Drone Shots You Should Be Using

You know that drone footage can add production value to your video work. Here, Josh Enobakhare of Olufemii Tutorials talks with filmmaker Matt Coleman about creative drone shots you should be using, from the arched push-away reveal and the elevation reveal to eye-level orbit.

4. Learn These Three Towering High-Angle Shots

In this tutorial from StudioBinder, writer and director Arnon Shorr explains why using high-angle shots can add a new kind of storytelling to your video and photography work. He also explains three main types of high-angle shots—the narrative high-angle, the visceral high-angle, and the character-driven high-angle.

5. Time Lapse Tips You Should Learn When You’re Young

At some point everyone is a beginner. And beginners make mistakes. In this video, veteran time-lapse photographer Matthew Vandeputte offers some how-to advice to his younger self. Among his insights: Please back up your footage. And shoot RAW.

6. Make Better Travel Videos with These Editing Techniques

What you want to do when making a travel video … is to not make a travel video that is tedious or one that looks like every every travel video. Here Jordy Vandeput of Cinecom offers 5 editing tips that will help you create dynamic travel video.

7. Green-Screen Lighting for Pros

Even though using a green screen isn't all that complicated, there are a handful of techniques that you need to know and perform proficiently so you don't give away the fact that you're using one, notes NoFilmSchool. Here,  Aputure’s Ted Sim talks with cinematographer Valentina Vee about the important concepts filmmakers should know before they attempt to use green screen in their own projects.

8. How To Shoot Video in Small Spaces ...

Space is a nice thing to have when you’re shooting video, but what if you just don’t have much of it to work with? In the video above, Todd Blankenship of Shutterstock offers tips on how to light in small spaces (including how to hide lights in plains sight).

9. ... And In Bad Outdoor Light

Then again, you might be shooting outside, where there is plenty of space…and the light is casting harsh, unflattering shadows. In the video above filmmaker Chrystopher Rhodes of YCImaging explains exterior lighting techniques that will give you more control over the environment.

10. Thirty-Six Video Experiments Your Should Try

Here, Mathieu Stern, aka  the "Weird Lens Guy” who shoots beautiful footage with lenses he finds in dumpsters or makes himself out of icebergs, offers 36 motion experiments you might want to try to get your creative juices flowing. Go ahead, create a bullet-time sequence.


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