The DART Board: 01.09.2019

By Peggy Roalf   Wednesday January 9, 2019

Talks / Screenings / Book Events / and Beyond

Tickets for Brainwave | Power, at The Rubin,February-April 2019 go on sale Thursday, January 10, 9 am. Info

Registration open for In Our Time: A Year of Architecture in a Day, an all day symposium on January 19. Presenters include Eyal Weizman, Elizabith Diller, David Lang and Beatrice Galilee, and Vincent Fournier, among others. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, ­­1000 Fifth Avenue, NY, NY Register

Thursday, January 10

Arlene Schechet | Machines in the Garden, in conversation with Meredith Martin,6:30-7:30 pm. NeueHouse, 110 East 25th Street, NY, NY RSVP Photo above courtesy Madison Square Park

Critical Walk-through with Nari Ward,6:30-7:30 pm. American Folk Art Museum, 2 Lincoln Square, NY, NY Tickets

Hank Willis Thomas | All Things Being Equal… in conversation with Dr. Kellie Jones,7-9 pm. Brooklyn Museum, 200 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn, NY Info

Saturday, January 12

Judy Glantzman in conversation with Jennifer Samet,4-6 pm. Betty Cuningham Gallery, 15 Rivington Street, NY, NY Info Above: Globe and Double Heads, 2014

Sunday, January 13

Make Believe | Eleven artists respond to the movies,6-8 pm. Magenta Plains, 94 Allen Street, NY, NY Info

Sunday, January 13

Hilton Als, Kirsty Bell, CAConrad | Readings and performances,4 pm. Karma, 188 East 2nd Street, NY, NY Info


Augusta Wood, HF, JM, RL, Posy (1983, 1985, 1996, 2002, 2008), 2010 this week at DENK Gallery


In Galleries / Lens-Based Art

Wednesday, January 9

Pentti Sammallahti’s Birds.Nailya Alexander Gallery, 41 East 57th Street, NY, NY Info

Ray K. Metzker | Black & Light.Howard Greenberg Gallery, 41 East 57th Street, NY, NY Info

Richard Deacon | House and Garden. Marian Goodman, 24 West 57th Street, NY, NY Info

Max de Esteban and Doug Fogelson | On Plane View,6-8 pm. Klompching Gallery, 89 Water Street, NY, NY Info

Thursday, January 10

Strauss Bourque-LaFrance | Postcards from the Edge; Rachel Granofsky | Huose Hunting,6-8 pm. Rachel Uffner Gallery, 170 Suffolk Street, NY, NY Info

Njideka Akunyili Crosby, Richard Avedon, Karl Bissinger, Beauford Delaney, Marlene Dumas, Glenn Ligon, Cameron Rowland, Kara Walker, James Welling | God Made My Face: A Collective Portrait of James Baldwin, 6-8 pm. DavidZwirner, 519, 525, 533 West 19th Street, NY, NY Info

Oliver Jeffers | For All We Know, 6-8 pm. Bryce Wolfowitz Gallery, 505 West 24th Street, NY, NY Info

Katherine Wolkoff | The Critical Zone; Aaron Morse,6-8 pm. Benrubi Gallery, 521 Wes 26th  Street, NY Info

Richard Artschwager | Self-Portraits and the American Southwest,6-8 pm. David Nolan Gallery, 527 West 29th Street, NY, NY  Info Info

Ed Sievers | In My Corner; Michael Kenna | Rafu,6-8 pm. Robert Mann Gallery, 525 West 25th Street, NY, NY Info

Saturday, January 12

Jessica Eaton | Iterations (II),6-8 pm. M+B, 612 North Almont Drive, Los Angeles, CA Info

Uta Barth, Stephen Berens, John Divola, Robbert Flick, Tim Hawkinson, Dinh Q Lê, George Legrady, Sharon Lockhart, Ed Ruscha, and Augusta Wood | Framing Time,6-8 pm. DENK Gallery, 749 E. Temple Street, Los Angeles, CA Info

Alejandro Cartagena | Presence; Kiel Johnson | Prepping for the Edge,6-8 pm. Kopeikin Gallery, 2766 S La Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles, CA Info

Friday, January 11

Rodney Graham | Lightboxes.303 Gallery, 555 West 21st Street, NY, NY Info

Closing January 13

War and Peace in Liberia | Tim Hetherington and Chris Hondros.Bronx Documentary Center, 614 Courtlandt Avenue, NY, NY Info


Sandow Birk, Triumph of Hate, this week atP·P·O·W

In Galleries

Tuesday, January 8

Josef Albers | Sonic Albers,6-8 pm. David Zwirner, 537 West 20th Street, NY, NY Info

Wednesday, January 9

Meg Franklin, Marcia Resnick | Appetite of Ghosts.Turn Gallery, 37 East 1st street, NY, NY Info

Sleeping Rooms, Lie Awake| TC Cannon, Gabriella Sánches, Alexandria Smith,6-8 pm. LMAK Gallery, 298 Grand Street, NY, NY Info

Emil Lukas | Stacks, tread paintings, bubble wrap paintings and larvae paintings.Sperone Westwater, 257 Bowery, NY, NY Info

Mattia Barbieri | The Butter Monk,6-8 pm. Pablo’s Birthday, 57 Orchard Street, NY, NY Info

Simon Schubert | mid winter dream,6-8 pm. Foley Gallery, 59 Orchard Street, NY, NY Info

Alan Shields | 3D paintings.Paula Cooper Gallery, 521 West 21st Street, NY, NY Info

Eric Dever | Painting in a House Made of Air,6-8 pm. Berry Campbell, 530 West 24th Street, NY, NY Info

Brian Rochefort | 2030,6-8 pm. Van Doren Waxter. 23 East 73rd Street, NY, NY Info

Thursday, January 10

Snow Day |Marcela Florido, Isaac Mann, Patrick Quarm, David Shrobe, Jessica Spence, Jessica Westhafer,6-8 pm. Thierry Goldberg Gallery, 109 Norfolk Street, NY, NY Info

Ketuta Alexi-Meskhishvili, CAConrad, Jason Dodge, Tony Just | Auguries Cast Aside. 6-8 pm. Karma, 188 East 2nd Street, NY, NY Info

Sandow Birk | Triumph of Hate,6-8 pm. P·P·O·W, 535 West 22nd Street, NY, NY Info

Mitsuko Brooks, Naomi Cohn, Yewen Dong, Valery Jung Estabrook, Mariano Del Rosario, Maria Fragoso, Emily Kettner, Amanda Konishi, John Lee, Padma Rajendran, Dana Robinson, Jia Sung, Taro Takizawa, Connie Zheng | No Place Like, 6-8 pm. Field Projects, 526 West 26th Street, NY, NY Info

Loic Raguenes | Time’s Wan Wave,6-9 pm. Clearing, 396 Johnson Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, NY Info

Friday, January 11

Illustrators 61 | Advertising, Institutional, Surface/Product Design, Uncomissioned categories,starting 6 pm. Society of Illustrators, 128 East 63rd Street, NY, NY Tickets

Roman Cochet | A Dog Named Robot, 6-8 pm. Alexander and Bonin, 47 Walker Street, NY, NY Info

Urs Fischer | Images,6-8 pm. Gagosian, 456 North Camden Drive, Beverly Hills, CA Info

Saturday, January 12

Jen Catron and Paul Outlaw | An Idea of God, or a Toothbrush, 6-8 pm.Postmasters, 54 Franklin Street, NY, NY Info


In Museums

Hilma af Klint: Paintings for the Future – has been extended to February 23
Swedish artist Hilma af Klint was ahead of her time — her art was bold, colorful and quite abstract, and it was only 1906 when she began. Klint barely exhibited her work and asked that it only be shown 20 years following her death. Starting in 1986, her work began gaining attention and only now is she getting her first major solo exhibition in the U.S. Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, 1071 Fifth Avenue, NY, NY Info


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