Exhibitions: Latin American Fotografia "Los Diez" Winners at MOLAA

By David Schonauer   Wednesday January 4, 2017

Art knows no borders.

That’s one of the takeaways from the prestigious Latin American Fotografía  and Latin American Ilustración juried competitions from AI-AP. In November, the winners of the LAF 5 and LAI 5 contests were named. In addition, ten winners from the contests were chosen for the “Los Diez” exhibition, which will tour venues throughout Latin American and the US through 2017. The work goes on view at the Museum of Latin American Art  in Long Beach, California, from January 6 through January 22 in the exhibition “Los Diez: Selections from Latin American Fotografia e Ilustracion.”

This is the first time LAF and LAI winners have been featured at MOLAA, one of the premier venues for Latin American art in the United States.

Presented here are some of the “Los Diez” winners from the Latin American Fotografía 5 contest, which was judged by an international jury including photo editor and writer Paula V. Kupfer, the former managing editor of Aperture magazine;  Miriam Romais, strategic development specialist for the Alchemist Center for Photography at Woodstock and former executive director for En Foco Inc.; Rodrigo Fino of media consulting company García Media Latinoamérica; Thea Traff, associate photo editor at the New Yorker magazine; James Wellford, senior editor for culture and global issues at National Geographic magazine;  and Edward Hayes, curator of exhibitions at the Museum of Latin American Art.

Kim Badawi:  Brazil

“Manifested by absence of all characteristics such gender, race or social class. Usually speaking in high or low pitched voices, and above all, showing no skin or tone whatsoever. Here, a woman can be a man; a man could be animal and a noble could have disguised him or herself as a slave. 'Os Mascarados' is a photographic series with intent to investigate the bearing of a 'mask' currently in South America."

Patricia Ackerman:  Argentina

"The body is the battleground where all wars have been fought. To be nude is to be without costumes. To be displayed naked is to turn into a costume the surface of the own skin. To be regarded is being desired, be built as sex object, and at the same time be fragmented, decomposed in details, in puzzles."

Dane Strom:  Mexico/USA

"Mexico is a country bursting with unique traditions, some of which are extremely local and barely known outside of their hometown. The yearly Carnival celebrations in Ajijic, Jalisco, with its masked "zayacos," are one such example."

Luis Maximiano:  Brazil

"The Butcher. February 2016. Beef specialist, Rogerio Betti, in Sao Paulo, Brazil"

Orestes Gonzalez:  Cuba

"Tremendo Pelao. Barber Shop, Old Havana, Cuba. April 2016. After an absence of 37 years, I returned to Havana. I found a city worn and isolated, much like its people. But I also discovered a resilience, a sense of humor,and a hopeful spirit of what lies ahead."

Winners of both Latin American Fotografía and Latin American Ilustración are spotlighted in our weekly Dispatches from Latin America  newsletter.

Los Diez: Selections from Latin American Fotografía e Ilustración” runs at the Museum of Latin American Art from January 6 through January 22.


  1. Claudia Paz commented on: January 4, 2017 at 3:16 p.m.
    Felicitaciones a todos, sin duda grandes registros. Especialmente la Fotografia de Orestes Gonzalez, Cuba.
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