Paris 2016: Brotherhood through Art

By Peggy Roalf   Friday November 4, 2016

Today I had email from artist/illustrator Jeanne Verdoux, a long-time subscriber, regarding her participation in the commemoration of the November 14, 2015 terrorist attacks in Paris, where more than 125 lost their lives. She wrote:

My work is featured in an exhibition in France titled 'Une image pour la fraternité,’ an event taking place one year after the November 2015 Paris attacks. It is part of a social movement called 'Fraternité Générale' initiated by the philosopher Abdennour Bidar in partnership with RATP, the Parisian métro system. [info]


The main exhibition is comprised of large posters on the platform of métro station ‘Hotel de Ville’ from November 2 to 14, a smaller collection of art works is touring the country at the same time.

My drawing ‘Tiens’ (a French word of multiple meaning: ‘Take this;’ ‘Hold on;’  ‘Your people’) is a page that I created spontaneously following the Paris terror attacks. The message is simple and humanistic, suggesting resistance and togetherness. It was produced as a monotype. A signed limited edition silkscreen print is also available on my website.