Latin American Ilustracion: Aldo Crusher

By David Schonauer   Wednesday April 8, 2015

Mexico City-based Illustrator Aldo Crusher  spends his days working as a motion designer for HBO Latin America. But some time ago he found himself a little bored at the office. “I was tired of pure vector artworks,” he says. “I wanted to try a new technique to give texture to my illustrations.” So he started daydreaming, and that led to thoughts of carefree childhood, and that in turn was the inspiration for a delightful personal project later named a winner of the Latin American Ilustración 3  competition.

“The whole idea behind this series was to take back memories of your childhood—those times when you played with the most simple things, having lots of fun and the main element was your imagination.”

His first step was remembering what he did as a child that made him happy. “I made a list of what I used to play or what I used to imagine when I was a kid,” he says. One of the things he imagined doing was flying. “I always wanted to fly,” he says. “Then the idea of flying inside a hot air balloon came to my mind.”

Crusher describes his process of working as “both simple and complex at the same time.”

“I like to use pure geometric shapes to create intricate elements,” he says. “On this piece, I started with the air ballon, then came the characters and finally the background.” And it was the background that was the hardest part. “I’m a color perfectionist,” Crusher says, “so I tried too many options to create the environment that I wanted from the beginning, warm and full of contrast.”

Crusher was happy with the results. “This was a purely personal project,” he says. “The main point of this was to push myself into new techniques and to bring a little joy to people’s lives.”

Since completing the piece, Crusher has moved on to another project, creating a bold series of illustrations for the “Cosmopolis” section of Aire Magazine that depict cities around the world. He’s done 22 cities so far, from Cape Town and New York City to Shanghai and Buenos Aires, and he says more are on the way. “This project has been a big challenge,” he says. “I had to bring complex city landscapes into minimalism, using geometrical primitives and adding depth to a flat surface.” See some examples below.

Crusher went to work for HBO Latin America after graduating from UNAM (the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México) in 2011. "I've been drawing since I could walk,” he told the website Creative Boom  last year. “I hope to continue doing graphic design, motion design, working on animated stuff.”


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