International Motion Art Awards: Thornberg & Forester 2

By David Schonauer   Thursday August 21, 2014

We recently spotlighted production studio Thornberg & Forester’s emotional fundraising short created for the Ronald McDonald House Charities. This week we look at another International Motion Art Awards 2-winning entry from Thornberg & Forester—a stunning piece of motion graphics created for the New York City-based Vilcek Foundation, which was founded in 2013 to raise public awareness of the of the contributions of immigrants to science, art, and culture in the United States through grants and other programs. Last year, when the foundation decided to create a new branding identity for a series of films, it turned to F&T; the result was an animated sequence that, in the words of Rick Kinsel, the foundation’s executive director, condensed “a feeling of creativity, simplicity, and joy, while remaining within our preferred aesthetic.”


International Motion Art Awards

Cinema-Branding Sequence for the Vilcek Foundation
Thornberg & Forester

Animators: Kyle Hurley, Jaymie Miguel, Joe Russ
Art Director: Kyle Hurley
Client: The Vilcek Foundation
Creative Director: Justin Meredith
Creative Directors: Vincent Lin
Design and Production: Thornberg & Forester
Designers: Michello Cho, Justin Meredtih
Music House: NBC Universal
Producer: Kelsey Thomson
Producer: Matthew D'Amato
Sound Design: Harry Woolway

Produced from April through June of 2013 by the Thornberg & Forester teams in Los Angeles and New York, the 30-second sequence of motion graphics explodes with eye-catching identity. “We worked with Valiant Pictures to create a new cinematic identity for the Vilcek Foundation. This branding will introduce all the short and feature films sponsored by the Vilcek Foundation,” notes T&F producer Kelsey Thomson.

Creating the identity was not an easy task: “We knew it would be difficult to convey all that we do in 30 seconds, so instead we wanted to find a way to condense it all into a feeling of creativity, simplicity, and joy, while remaining within our preferred aesthetic,” says Rick Kinsel, the foundation’s executive director.

Justin Meredith, a founding partner of Thornberg & Forester, adds, “During the early discussions, we learned a lot about the foundation's tastes and design inspirations. The idea that took shape was to weave together concepts of science and art into an abstract journey that feels optimistic and open. We needed to communicate a feeling more than a story. We thought that building a motion piece would be an exciting way to get our message across. In our approach, we used tactile methods such as paint, ink and string to capture in-camera elements. Although the finished project looks simple, those are always the hardest to balance."



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