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Preserving History With Sarah Hoskins's "Hamlets" Project

Kickstarter   Friday January 25, 2013

A few months ago, we featured work from Pro Photo Daily readerSarah Hoskins’s “The Homeplace” project documenting African American hamlets around Lexington, KT, which sprang up after the Civil War and today are inhabited by descendents of freed slaves. Hoskins began photographing the towns and the people 11 years ago and is now raising Kickstarter funding aimed at creating a book that will record the “kindness, strength, warmth, tradition, culture and love” she has found in the villages over the past decade.   Read the full Story >>

PPD Spotlight: Sarah Hoskins Comes Back to "The Homeplace"   Monday October 29, 2012

Nearly a decade ago, Pro Photo Daily reader Sarah Hoskins published work from a new project called “The Homeplace” in the American Photography 19 annual. “I never thought I’d still be working on it today,” Hoskins said recently. AsNPR’s Claire O’Neill noted in 2010, Hoskins has over the years become an active part of the culture she's been documenting: small communities of descendants of freed slaves in hamlets of Kentucky's inner Bluegrass Region. Funded by Kickstarter, the project has, says Hoskins, “become my life’s work.”   Read the full Story >>

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