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Legal Brief: Post Office Must Pay $3.5M for Statue of Liberty Photo Mistake

DP Review   Tuesday July 17, 2018

The US Postal Service has been ordered to pay $3.5 million to sculptor Robert Davidson after it issued a Forever stamp featuring the wrong Statue of Liberty: Instead of a using a photo of the actual Statue of Liberty, the USPS used an image of the replica Lady Liberty in Las Vegas, which was designed by Davidson, notes DP Review. The Post Office had used Getty Images to find a suitable photo of the Statue of Liberty; the USPS settled on a photo by photographer Raimund Linke, not seeing that the keywords on the page clearly stated that the photo shows the replica in Vegas, reports PetaPixel.   Read the full Story >>

See It Now: Overlooked Stories From Latin America

The New York Times   Tuesday July 17, 2018

As part of its Latin American Foto Festival, the Bronx Documentary Center in New York City is busting past the white walls of exhibition spaces with eight public installations featuring work from more than a dozen acclaimed and emerging photographers from Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and Mexico, as well as from FotoKids, a program that teaches photography to Guatemalan children. “We feature photographers who do ‘noncommercial’ stories,” says BDC co-founder Michael Kamber at The New York Times.   Read the full Story >>

What We're Reading: Putting Out the Capital Gazette After the Shootings

The New Yorker   Tuesday July 17, 2018

“I haven’t slept much. I’ve been online deep into the night, responding to messages from people who’ve come out of the woodwork. Reading all the Facebook posts and articles. I’ve got an appointment to talk with someone,” says Joshua McKerrow, a photojournalist for the Capital Gazette of Annapolis, Maryland. McKerrow, notes The New Yorker, has been coping in the days following the mass shooting  at the newspaper’s offices — an act, by a man who was angry at the paper’s coverage of him, that took the lives of five of the photographer’s colleagues.   Read the full Story >>

Insight: Why Diversity Is Vital to Visual Storytelling

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC   Tuesday July 17, 2018

National Geographic made news earlier this year when it looked at its own history  and discovered how its photography skewed coverage of race. Recently, Nat Geo asked 12 photographers from around the globe to explain why diversity is vital to visual storytelling. "To bet on different ways of photographing is to open our minds and stop seeing the world in one way, as a type of person tells us, but to open ourselves to the idea that many realities,” says Mexico-based photographer Luján Agusti.   Read the full Story >>

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