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Books: Documenting Ritual Masks Around the World

CNN   Tuesday October 15, 2019

Photographer Chris Rainier's fascination with ritual masks began in the mid-1980s, when, during a photography trip to New Guinea, he was confronted by a tribesman adorned with feathers from a bird of paradise, notes CNN. "I decided that I wanted to follow the trail of traditional masks around the world,” says Rainier. That he has done, and the result is his new bookMask (Simon & Schuster), which features his images of mask wearers across six continents, from Mongolian shamans to Alpine villagers.   Read the full Story >>

Agenda: Conversations on Conflict Photography, at NYU

New York University   Monday October 14, 2019

Through Oct. 18, the Gallatin Galleries at New York University’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study hosts the exhibition “Conversations on Conflict Photography,” featuring work by 12 award-winning photojournalists, including Shahidul Alam, Nina Berman, Andrea Bruce, Marcus Bleasdale, Ron Haviv, Benjamin Lowy, and Susan Meiselas. The exhibition is based on a penetrating new book by NYU professor Lauren Walsh. On Oct. 16 Walsh will lead a panel discussion with Berman and Santiago Lyon, former director of photography for Associated Press, about the role of conflict and crisis photography in today’s media environment.   Read the full Story >>

Portfolio: These Gravity Defying Dogs Will Amaze You

MY MODERN MET   Tuesday October 15, 2019

When Italian photographer Claudio Piccoli looks at a dog, he sees a potential superhero. Piccoli’s aptly named series “Dogs In Action” captures canines soaring, leaping, and bounding with amazing grace and ease. “It usually requires a lot of preparation,” Piccoli tells My Modern Met, explaining his process. “It’s very important to explain to the owner what we want to do in the shoot and what we are expecting or how [the dog] should move in the action to be photographed correctly.” The images remind us that dogs are incredible athletes, notes MMM.   Read the full Story >>

Follow-Up: Fotografiska Delays NY Museum Opening

Fotografiska   Tuesday October 15, 2019

In September, we previewed the Fotografiska museum due to open this month in New York in a historic building at 281 Park Ave. South. That opening has now been postponed due to construction delays, Fotografiska reports. “In order to properly introduce ourselves and give our guests the experience we've always envisioned, we have decided to postpone the opening until this winter,” the team behind the museum says in a statement. “Through the process of preserving the building and its original details, our dedicated team of architects, contractors and construction are working to carefully to protect the structure, while bringing to life an entirely new concept within its walls.”   Read the full Story >>

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