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Nature Watch: The Man Who Lives with Hyenas

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC   Friday August 18, 2017

Hyenas are fierce and feared, but in the Ethiopian village of Harar, Abbas Yusuf, known as the Hyena Man, takes a different view. He learned to feed these wild animals from his father and now lives with them in his home. Photographer Brian Lehmann, who spent time documenting the phenomenon, tells National Geographic that it was the profound — almost transcendent — connection between man and beast that interested him most. “I was in awe of their relationship,” Lehmann says.   Read the full Story >>

DIY Friday: Make This Solar Eclipse Lens Filter for $15

DIYPhotography   Friday August 18, 2017

Are you ready for the solar eclipse due to sweep across the US on August 21? California-based landscape photographer Matthew Kuhns  decided to save some money by making his own solar-eclipse lens filter — cost, about $15 — rather than paying $150 for a commercial version. See his how-to at DIY Photography. Totality is better when you're not totally broke.   Read the full Story >>

Let's Continue the Conversation ...

Facebook   Friday April 21, 2017

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Nature Watch: Creatures Large and Small

By David Schonauer   Wednesday August 16, 2017

A single Velella velella, aka By-the-Wind Sailor, isn't very big. It isn't extremely small, either, by nature's standards. The free-floating hydrozoans measure up to three inches long, but seen together in a photograph - like the one taken by Santa Cruz, CA-based photographer Jodi Frediani, they resemble single-celled creatures seen under a microscope. Frediani's photo of the Sailors was named a ...   Read the full Story >>

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