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See It Now: Capturing the Tribulations of the Daily Commute

It’s Nice That   Friday August 16, 2019

Every major city in the world has the same hellish cultural phenomenon in common, notes It’s Nice That, which spotlights British filmmaker and photographer Lester Jones’s project “Their Grind Not Mine,” a look at daily commutes in London, Seoul, Sydney and Melbourne, Australia, and Hong Kong.  “The work offers moments of real human connection and reflection,” says Jones. “It examines the psychological impact of commuting, which is something all-too-often steeped in fatigue, anxiety, misery and even at times, despair.”   Read the full Story >>

Trending: The Enduring Impact of "Country Doctor"

All About Street Photography   Friday August 16, 2019

In 1948, W. Eugene Smith was commissioned by Life Magazine to profile Dr. Ernest Guy Ceriani, a traveling doctor who provided 24-hour care to residents of the small Colorado town of Kremmling — work that has come to epitomize the photo essay narrative. Part of its power lies in Smith’s “wallpaper” approach to photography — he faded into the background so he could capture intimate moments, notes PDN. Explore the landmark series in a video from All About Street Photography that has been featured around the web.   Read the full Story >>

Let's Continue the Conversation ...

Facebook   Friday August 16, 2019

Please contact me (button at top) to let me know about any books, shows, or projects you’ve got going. Also visit the Pro Photo Daily Facebook page, if you haven't already. If you "Like" us you'll get updates of stories that don't make the Daily and shared stories from others. And of course we hope you will give us your opinions on some of the issues we address. You can find an archive of Pro Photo Daily posts at and a look at the best of some of our posts on our monthly Flipboard. Follow me on Twitter @davidschonauer.   Read the full Story >>

See It Now: Is Mapplethorpe Passe or As Relevant as Ever?

By David Schonauer   Thursday August 15, 2019

Robert Mapplethorpe's time has passed. His once-taboo images have lost their power to shock, and what's more they feed into outworn stereotypes. That, at least, is the opinion expressed by critic Arthur Lubow recently in The New York Times. "A yearlong exhibition at the Guggenheim Museum, which aims to lionize the photographer, instead suggests that his sexually explicit images, once shocking, now ...   Read the full Story >>

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