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See It Now: Making Faces with Celebrity Photographer Andy Gotts

By David Schonauer   Monday September 27, 2021

British photographer Andy Gott shoots celebrities. But he does it a little differently from most other photographers. His distinctive style -- he's known for grainy, black-and-white photos lit dramatically -- and his low-key shoots have made him a favorite with the likes of Ian McKellen, Harrison Ford, Kate Winslet and others, even though he says he refuses to Photoshop the icons he photographs. Gotts's …   Read the full Story >>

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Facebook   Monday September 27, 2021

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Trending: 'Open Season' On Journalists Covering Right-Wing Protests in L.A,

The Guardian   Friday September 24, 2021

Los Angeles saw volatile protests almost every weekend this summer over trans rights, political opposition to masks and vaccines, and the recall of the Democratic governor. At least seven journalists have been physically assaulted while covering these rallies, six of them by rightwing demonstrators, notes The Guardian.  Documentary filmmaker Rocky Romano, for instance, said he was hit over the head with a lead-filled baton at an anti-trans protest in July.   Read the full Story >>

Spotlight: Capturing the Intimate Life of Frogs

MY MODERN MET   Friday September 24, 2021

Indonesian wildlife photographer Ajar Setiadi has been fascinated by the creatures that live in the natural habitats of his hometown, Bogor, including the frogs that live in his garden. His photographs document their fascinating—and often adorable—behavior, notes My Modern Met. "Actually, I have frogs as my pets,” Setiadi tells My Modern Met. “Sometimes I play with them in my garden and let them play with the flowers as I am showering my plants,” says Setiadi “For me, it’s a miracle that I can capture them,” he adds.   Read the full Story >>

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