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Tech News: Canon's AI-Powered Photo Culling App

DIYPhotography   Friday February 26, 2021

Canon’s new AI-powered Photo Culling app aims to help photographers select the best images from their hundreds of smartphone snaps. In judging which pictures are worthy, the app takes four key factors into consideration: sharpness, noise, emotion, and closed eyes. It’s based on Canon’s unique computer vision AI engine PHIL (Photography Intelligence Learning), notes DIY Photography.   Read the full Story >>

Nature Watch: Photographer Captures Yellow Penguin

People   Friday February 26, 2021

Belgian landscape and wildlife photographer Yves Adams was leading a two-month photo exhibition in the South Atlantic in December 2019 when the group made a stop on an island in South Georgia to photograph a colony of over 120,000 king penguins. That, notes PetaPixel, is when Adams saw something entirely new — a penguin with bright yellow plumage. The unique bird is believed to be the first yellow-and-white king penguin ever found, adds People magazine. "They all looked normal except for this one,” says Adams.   Read the full Story >>

Art News: Howard Greenberg Donates 48 Henryk Ross Images to MFA Boston

Museum of Fine Arts Boston   Friday February 26, 2021

Collector Howard Greenberg has donated 48 photographs by Henryk Ross to the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, notes Art News. The images depict life in the Lodz Ghetto in Poland during the Holocaust. They range from official photographs taken for the ghetto’s department of statistics to unofficial ones that Ross captured secretly at great personal risk. Ross gave the images to a fellow survivor or the Lodz Ghetto, who brought them to New York in 1947. “The journey of these photographs is fascinating,” notes Greenberg.   Read the full Story >>

In Focus: Hoda Afshar Turns Her Lens on Whistleblowers

The Guardian   Friday February 26, 2021

“The whistleblower is the modern tragic figure in our current society,” says Hoda Afshar, an Iranian-born, Melbourne, Australia-based photographer whose new series, “Agonistes,” features a collection of monochrome 3D portraits of contemporary Australians who have spoken out about injustice, often at their own risk. The work is on view at Photo 2021, a new biennial photography exhibition that touts itself as Australasia’s largest and most significant photography event, notes The Guardian.   Read the full Story >>

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