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Insight: Getting Started at Miniature Photography

Mathieu Stern   Thursday December 31, 2020

One of the big trends of 2020 was miniature photography, as people locked down during the pandemic began to create and document their own small fantasy worlds. If you’re ready to get started, YouTuber Mathieu Stern has a tutorial for you. You’re going to want a macro lens.   Read the full Story >>

Books: 'Works' by Mona Kuhn

Thames & Hudson   Thursday December 31, 2020

Strange as it may seem, Mona Kuhn has never released a retrospective book, as some 20 years as a widely respected fine-art photographer. That changes with the release of Mona Kuhn: Works. “Kuhn’s underlying theme involves humanity’s longing for spiritual connection and solidarity. She is renowned for developing close relationships with her subjects, resulting in images of remarkable intimacy,” notes publisher Thames & Hudson. The new book features images from throughout Kuhn’s career, including previously unseen work.   Read the full Story >>

What We're Reading: How to Say Goodbye to Instagram

Mashable   Thursday December 31, 2020

So, you finally deleted your Facebook account. The misinformation, the scams, the data privacy issues, the odd company decisions (like the one giving politicians a pass to lie) — it all just became too much. But what about your Facebook-owned Instagram account? “Instagram is increasingly experiencing the same kinds of problems — coronavirus disinfo, a role in the foreign influence on elections, scams — found on Facebook,” notes Mashable.   Read the full Story >>

In Focus: She Promotes Black Women Photographers

npr   Thursday December 31, 2020

Photographer Polly Irungu wanted to find a way to spotlight and support Black women photographers — so she created a community and database to do just that, notes NPR. Irungu, one of the judges of the American Photography Open 2020 contest, launched Black Women Photographers, a platform that elevates the work of Black women in the photo and documentary industry and helps to financially support photographers whose livelihoods have been affected by the pandemic.    Read the full Story >>

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