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Books: He Captured the Intoxicating NYC Club Scene of the Early 1990s

By David Schonauer   Monday November 30, 2020

For Steve Eichner, the '90s began at the Roxy. "That's where I met the Club Kids," he recently told WWD. "The Roxy was a roller disco, but at night it would turn into a regular nightclub." Eichner went on to become a fixture of 1990s New York City nightlife and served as both its official and unofficial photographer in an era before cellphones and …   Read the full Story >>

Skywatch: Saturn and Jupiter Are Getting Very Close to Each Other

DIYPhotography   Monday November 30, 2020

In December, all astrophotographers will get a unique Christmas present, notes DIY Photography: Jupiter and Saturn will be appearing as double planets just after sunset on the evening of Dec. 21. A conjunction like this one hasn’t been since the Middle Ages, adds DIYP.   Read the full Story >>

Passings: Remembering Getty Images Photographer Mark Wilson

The Washington Post   Monday November 30, 2020

Photojournalist Mark Wilson, who worked for Getty Images for more than 20 years, died on November 18 at his home in Owings, Maryland, reported the photo agency. He was 65. Wilson covered four presidents, NASA launches, NASCAR races, and other news assignments in the Washington, D.C. area. "Working the politics beat in Washington requires exquisite timing, patience and a thorough knowledge of who’s who in the political world. Wilson had all of that and proved it over and over again,” notes the Washington Post.   Read the full Story >>

Industry News: GearUp Wants to be the Facebook Marketplace of Photography

PetaPixel   Monday November 30, 2020

Designed to be a marketplace specifically for the photo and video community, GearUp is an app for the specific purpose of buying and selling camera equipment around the United States, notes PetaPixel. The platform says it currently supports a diverse collection of new and used cameras, lenses, drones, and lighting equipment listed by users from around the country. Caleb Blasingame, the founder of GearUp, says that he founded the business because a majority of cameras and accessories purchased by professionals and hobbyists ends up on the used market.   Read the full Story >>

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