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Resources: The 2020 Celestial Calendar, Milky Way Calendar and Moon Calendar ... Plus Astrophotography Insights

By David Schonauer   Wednesday February 26, 2020

We can't predict what will happen this year on Earth. But up in the heavens, we know what photographers can look forward to. The telescope manufacturer Celestron has published a celestial calendar that lists notable occurrences in the night sky during 2020, including lunar and solar eclipses. Meanwhile photographer Dan Zafra of Capture the Atlas has created a calendar to help you photograph the ...   Read the full Story >>

Let's Continue the Conversation ...

Facebook   Wednesday February 26, 2020

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Industry News: Canon USA Has Dropped Over 15% of Its Authorized Dealers

Canon Price Watch   Tuesday February 25, 2020

Canon USA has cut 15 percent of its Authorized Dealers, reports Canon Price Watch. The company removed 71 online outlets and small stores in an effort to reduce operating costs. CPW is calling it “one of the largest mass-removals that we’ve seen,” and cites industry sources who say the change is due to Canon’s financial struggles, adds PetaPixel.   Read the full Story >>

Portfolio: Finding Order in Nature

npr   Tuesday February 25, 2020

Some view nature as a glorious chaos of species striving for survival. But, notes NPR, where they might see a  jumble of weeds, photographer Janelle Lynch sees order and geometry — “not an accidental grouping of plant matter, but a well-ordered composition created by nature and fixed in time and space by her 8-by-10-inch large-format camera.” Her implicit message is that one needs only to be still, take your time and pay close attention to find the beauty that surrounds you.   Read the full Story >>

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