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Insight: How to Win at YouTube as a Photographer/Filmmaker

PetaPixel   Friday November 29, 2019

YouTube isn’t vloggers, notes Chris Koehn, a former newspaper journalist turned videographer. At PetaPixel, Koehn explains how photographers and filmmakers can use the platform to jumpstart their careers. For tips, he turned to working pros “whose own success on the platform,” he notes, “shows why every photographer and filmmaker should start their own YouTube channel to showcase their work.”   Read the full Story >>

Books: The Art of Waiting ... for Public Transit

CNN   Friday November 29, 2019

German photographer Dieter Leistner has spent the past 40 years taking pictures of people waiting at train stations and bus stops. Now collected in the book Waiting: People in Transit, his photographs, made in countries around the world, document the evolution of fashion, architecture and transport, notes CNN. Leistner has also been able to observe the changing habits of people with time on their hands: We now smoke less and read fewer physical books, he says. Instead, we’re on our cell phones.    Read the full Story >>

Insight: A Complete Guide to Travel Photography

Conde Nast Traveler   Friday November 29, 2019

“As travelers, our cameras can feel like a fifth limb—an essential tool with which to move through the world and absorb new experiences,” notes Conde Nast Traveler, which offers a “complete guide” to travel photography. The feature includes behind-the-scenes stories and tips from a number of pro photographers, including Alex Strohl, Paul Nicklen, and Gray Malin. Lynsey Addario talks about the importance of telling women’s stories.   Read the full Story >>

What We're Reading: "Visualizing Racism"

The Washington Post   Friday November 29, 2019

“Racism is this nation’s telltale heart beating ominously in the collective subconscious. From time to time we come to believe we have expiated and silenced it once and for all. But then it is back — changed, perhaps attenuated, but unmistakable.” So notes columnist Eugene Robinson in an issue of The Washington Post Magazine dedicated to photography that documents our struggle with racism. Among the photographers featured: Marvin Joseph, Marvi Lacar, Delphine Diallo,  Jana Curcio, and Carlos Javier Ortiz.   Read the full Story >>

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