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Travel Advisory: No Wildlife Selfies in Costa Rica, No Geishas in Kyoto

TRAVEL + LEISURE   Friday November 15, 2019

Amid reports of bad tourist behavior, a neighborhood in Kyoto, Japan,  has banned unwanted photography on roads frequented by geishas, notes Travel + Leisure. The ban is effective on private roads in Kyoto’s Gion neighborhood, known for its geiko — commonly known as geishas — and their apprentices, locally known as maiko. Meanwhile, reports CNN, the Costa Rican Tourism Institute has launched a campaign to stop people from taking selfies with local wildlife. Called #stopanimalselfies, the campaign is a response to the increasing number of tourists who come to Costa Rica in pursuit of Instagram shots with wild animals.   Read the full Story >>

Exhibitions: The Flat Where Corinne Day Made Photo History

AnOther   Friday November 15, 2019

In a flat on Brewer Street, in London’s Soho district, Corinne Day produced some of the most recognized fashion photography of the 1990s, notes AnOther. Day lived there with her partner Mark Szaszy, a photographer and filmmaker, and the flat doubled up as a studio for her seminal fashion image-making. The photographs Day created there are included (alongside work by six other Soho-based photographers) in the exhibition “Shot in Soho,” on view at London’s Photographers’ Gallery through February 9, 2020.    Read the full Story >>

Industry News: Olympus Will Shutter Photo Business, According to Rumors

Fstoppers   Friday November 15, 2019

Olympus' recent financial reports have shown bad news for the imaging division, with a 17-percent year-on-year decrease in revenue, and now, notes Fstoppers, there are rumors that the company may soon shut down its imaging division altogether. Photo Rumors is reporting that Olympus may be shutting down its camera division in as little as eight months. A similar rumor was floating around earlier this year, adds DIY Photography.   Read the full Story >>

Insight: Dawoud Bey On Shooting Portraits of Strangers

PDN   Friday November 15, 2019

With his award-winning portraiture, Dawoud Bey captures the humanity of the people he photographs as well as the vibrancy of the communities where they live, notes PDN, which recently excerpted from Dawoud Bey on Photographing People and Communities, just released as part of Aperture Foundation’s Photography Workshop Series. “Using a view camera on a tripod in the street lends an almost ceremonial atmosphere to the proceedings,” notes Bey, adding, “I had to slow down the way I was making photographs.”   Read the full Story >>

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