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State of the Art: California Bans Political Deepfakes During Election Season

THE VERGE   Tuesday October 22, 2019

California has passed a law meant to prevent altered “deepfake” videos from influencing elections, in a plan that has raised free speech concerns, notes The Verge. The law, which makes it a crime to distribute audio or video that gives a false, damaging impression of a politician’s words or actions, applies to any candidate within 60 days of an election. News media are exempt from the requirement, as are videos made for satire or parody. Potentially deceptive video or audio will also be allowed if it includes a disclaimer noting that it’s fake. The law will sunset in 2023.   Read the full Story >>

Books: Masahisa Fukase's Intimate Family Portrait

AnOther   Tuesday October 22, 2019

Acclaimed Japanese photographer Masahisa Fukase left his hometown to pursue a career as an artist.  “I had to choose whether I wanted to be a shashin-shi, a ‘studio’ photographer, or a shashin-ka, an art photographer in the modern sense,” he once said. But the pull of home never left him, notes AnOther:  In 1971, he returned there and began staging family portraits that combined studio craft and his own sensibilities. That work has now been collected in the new book Family (Kazoku)   Read the full Story >>

Tech News: Adobe Rolls Out Revamped Creative Cloud Desktop App

PetaPixel   Tuesday October 22, 2019

Adobe has launched a new version of its Creative Cloud desktop application that has been redesigned from the ground up “to be a more intuitive way to access your apps, update them, and discover new apps that complement or extend your creativity,” notes PetaPixel. Features now include an easier system for managing/discovering apps, searching, a tutorials hub, full-screen management of Creative Cloud libraries, finding/discovering assets (like fonts and brushes), and Portfolio.   Read the full Story >>

In Focus: An Unexpected View of Korea's DMZ

AnOther   Tuesday October 22, 2019

“The military to me seems like one grand, totally absurd play,” says South Korean photographer Heinkuhn OH. That viewpoint is reflected in his series "Absurd Play," on view through Nov. 23 as part of the Korean Cultural Centre UK’s group exhibition “Negotiating Borders.” OH’s photographs of young men patrolling the hyper-militarized border between North and South Korea reveal soldiers’ paradoxical outlooks on martial life and highlight the farce of contemporary warfare, notes AnOther.   Read the full Story >>

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