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On View: Marc Yankus's Grand Views of NYC, at Grand Central

Marc Yankus   Wednesday July 17, 2019

“Photographer Yankus likens New York City to a forest — one of the enchanted variety: liminal and filled with the ancient accumulated wisdom of all the lives who have passed through it.” So we noted in 2016, when we spotlighted Yankus’s work — images of NYC buildings that he manipulates both through analog and digital techniques in order to create a more perfect city — that is, one without people. Ten of his photographs are on view for an entire year in the crowded Dining Concourse of a New York City landmark — Grand Central Terminal.   Read the full Story >>

State of the Art: What People in Solitary Confinement Want to See

The New Yorker   Wednesday July 17, 2019

According to many human-rights organizations, the prolonged lack of human contact and sensory deprivation that inmates in experience in solitary confinement qualifies as torture, notes The New Yorker, which spotlights a Chicago-based program that fulfills the photography requests of inmates being held in such conditions in U.S. prisons. Called Photo Requests from Solitary, the program was begun by a group of lawyers, community members, artists, and currently and formerly incarcerated men and their families.   Read the full Story >>

In Focus: Alegra Ally Looks at Indigenous Motherhood

feature shoot   Wednesday July 17, 2019

Alegra Ally is an ethnographer and photographer who documents the traditional practices and beliefs of indigenous women as part of a series titled “The Wild Born Project.” Her latest work, which took her to the Yamal Peninsula in Northwest Siberia to live with a family of nomadic Nenets, reflects on cultural adaptation and indigenous motherhood, notes Feature Shoot. “My aim has been to meet with a woman who is pregnant, and who will give birth during my stay,” Ally tells the website.   Read the full Story >>

Tech News: Skylum Launches Update for Luminar Flex

DIYPhotography   Wednesday July 17, 2019

Skylum launched Luminar Flex plugin in April and has now made the first major update available. The Luminar Flex 1.1 update adds the new Accent AI 2.0 filter, a clever and “human-aware” editing tool that lets you improve your images in a single click, notes DIY Photography. The filter uses machine learning to enhance photos, adjusting color, contrast, highlights, shadows and more. Skylum promises that as many as 99.5 percent of photos can “visibly benefit from Accent AI in just seconds.”   Read the full Story >>

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