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What We're Reading: Claude Cahun, Overlooked No More

The New York Times   Friday June 28, 2019

“In early-20th-century France, when society generally considered women to be women and men to be men, Lucy Schwob decided she would rather be called Claude Cahun,” notes The New York Times in an installment of its “Overlooked” series of obituaries about remarkable people whose deaths went unreported in newspaper. “[L]ong before the rise of the gender-neutral “they” as a pronoun and the advent of terms like transgender and queer theory, Cahun created stark, sometimes playful, but deliberately equivocal photos of herself,” notes The Times.   Read the full Story >>

Portfolio: Portraits of Those Who Have Lost Their Partners in Love

LENSCRATCH   Friday June 28, 2019

“I always think that a photographer’s best work comes from worlds we already know and can bring deep thinking  and perspective to,” notes Aline Smithson at Lenscratch. As an example, she points to photographer  Susan Rosenberg Jones, who, after finding love again after the loss of her first husband, visually examined her second husband with humor, curiosity, and love. Her newest project, “Widow/er,” is a series of poignant and elegant portraits of those who have lost their partners in love.    Read the full Story >>

Insight: Do Photographers Still Need Facebook?

Facebook   Friday June 28, 2019

While the world awaits a new cryptocurrency from Facebook, photographer and Fstoppers staff writer Scott Choucino wonders if photographers even need the social network at this point. In fact, he notes, he dumped his Facebook account over a year ago. “I get more work than before, but on a trajectory that I would have hoped for,” he writes. “Obviously I can’t be certain that I wouldn’t have made bigger leaps in my career if I had kept it, but some simple arithmetic would suggest that the time that has been freed up dealing with poor leads and general time wasting has been spent elsewhere.”   Read the full Story >>

In Focus: Central Africa's Maternal Mortality Crisis

The Washington Post   Friday June 28, 2019

The Central African Republic has one of the worst maternal mortality rates in the world, second only to Sierra Leone: With 882 deaths for every 100,000 successful births, it’s far behind countries such as the United States, which recorded 14 out of 100,000, notes The Washington Post. Supported by the International Women’s Media Foundation, photographer Nicole Tung has been documenting the crisis. “An estimated 35 percent of medical facilities have been damaged or destroyed in the past six years” due to civil war, says Tung.   Read the full Story >>

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