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In Focus: Iraq's Yazidis Struggle to Rebuild Their Lives

The New York Times   Thursday January 31, 2019

Emilienne Malfatto first stepped foot in Sinjar, a remote massif in northwestern Iraq, in 2015. A year before, ISIS invaded the region in a genocidal campaign against the Yazidis, a Kurdish-speaking religious minority whose roots in the mountains go back centuries. Kurdish and Yazidi fighters recaptured the city in November 2015, and residents slowly began to return to their decimated villages, notes The New York Times. Malfatto, a French photographer, has been documenting their attempts to rebuild their lives in her series “Back Home.”   Read the full Story >>

Insight: A Digital Landscape Photographer's Intro to Film

Michael Strickland   Thursday January 31, 2019

“Film is a path that’s unique for everyone and is definitely not for everyone, so be prepared for failures and having some trial and error. That’s part of the process!” So writes Kansas-based landscape photographer Michael Strickland in a blog post that explains how he began shooting film after years of using digital cameras. “Film was the simple choice for me. It achieved the results I wanted to create at that time, shooting a high-resolution panorama in a single frame,” he writes. Strickland also provides a thorough intro to film for other digital photographers.   Read the full Story >>

Trending: Channeling The Pain of Depression Into Photography

By David Schonauer   Wednesday January 30, 2019

For Tara Wray, photography was a way to fight depression. "Just forcing myself to get out of my head and using the camera to do that is, in a way, a therapeutic tool," Wray, a photographer and filmmaker based in central Vermont, told NPR in December. "It's like exercise: You don't want to do it, you have to make yourself do it ...   Read the full Story >>

Glittering Prizes: Apple WILL Pay Photographers for Its "Shot on iPhone" Contest

PetaPixel   Wednesday January 30, 2019

Apple recently launched a new “Shot on iPhone Challenge,” asking photographers to submit iPhone photos for a chance to be featured in a worldwide marketing campaign. The announcement sparked controversy over whether Apple was asking for photos in exchange for “exposure” only notes PetaPixel. Apple clarified things in an update to the contest rules, confirming that  in addition to being featured in marketing, photographers will also receiving a licensing fee for the rights to use the photos.   Read the full Story >>

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