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The Year That Was: Notable Deaths in 2018

By David Schonauer   Monday December 31, 2018

David Douglas Duncan. David Goldblatt. Abbas. Those were some of the notable names in photography who died in 2018. Today we remember them, along with others whose passings we covered at Pro Photo Daily over the past year, including Ara Guler, Nitin Vadukal, Erich Lessing, Bobbi Baker Burrows, Art Shay, Henry Wessel, Shirin Aliabadi, Max Desfor, Barry O'Rourke, and Chuck Westfall and others.   Read the full Story >>

What We're Reading: Life After Horrific Death for the Journalist James Foley

The New York Times   Monday December 31, 2018

Freelance photojournalist James W. Foley was kidnapped in 2012 while covering the Syrian civil war, held hostage for 21 months and brutally murdered in 2014 by members of the Islamic State in an execution filmed by his captors and released online. Now, notes The New York Times, artist Bradley McCallum is collaborating with Foley’s mother on a commemorative project: a series of paintings based on Foley’s photography.   Read the full Story >>

Books: The Secret Lives of Street Cats

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC   Monday December 31, 2018

For 18 years, Tuul and Bruno Morandi photographed the people, cities, and landscapes of the world. As they traveled, notes National Geographic, they accidentally started to accumulate extra photos of another, nonhuman subject: Their new book “La Grand Odysée des Chats” (“The Grand Odyssey of Cats”) collects together their images of street cats from Morocco to Japan. The photographers compare taking pictures of cats to taking pictures of humans. “For us, it’s almost the same,” Tuul says.   Read the full Story >>

Tech News: KIPON Unveils the First 3rd-Party Lenses for Canon R and Nikon Z

PetaPixel   Monday December 31, 2018

While the Canon EF and Nikon F lens mount ecosystems are teeming with 3rd-party lenses, the new Canon R and Nikon Z full-frame mirrorless lens mounts completely lacked 3rd-party glass —until now, notes PetaPixel. The Chinese brand KIPON's new ELEGANT series of lenses will be the world’s first 3rd-party full-frame lenses designed specifically for the Canon R mount and Nikon Z mount. There are 5 initial lenses on the ELEGANT roster: the 24mm f/2.4 for $499, 35mm f/2.4 for $468, 50mm f/2.4 for $325, 75mm f/2.4 for $355, and 90mm f/2.4 for $386.   Read the full Story >>

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