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Dept of Commerce: Photographer Finds Stolen Lens Selling on eBay

Fstoppers   Wednesday April 18, 2018

The bad news: Photographer Daniel Zvereff lost his custom-modified Canon 50mm f/0.95 lens in March. Good news: He recently found it again. More bad news: It was selling on eBay for $65,000. In a way, it’s a full-circle kind of story: Zvereff originally purchased the modified Leica M-mount lens for about $2,300 from eBay in 2013, notes PetaPixel. He spent about $800 having the lens coded (to allow Leica cameras to recognize it automatically) and serviced. It was later stolen from him in a hotel in Guadalajara, Mexico, adds Fstoppers.   Read the full Story >>

Dept of Ideas: She Buries Her Subjects In All Their Clothes

AnOther   Wednesday April 18, 2018

Toronto-based artist Libby Oliver  believes that clothing is a medium through which we communicate our identities. Out of this concept, Oliver drew her inspiration for her portrait series “Soft Shells,” in which her subjects are seen wearing every item of clothing they own. The shoots are intimate: Oliver visits the models’ homes and surveys their closets. “An object becomes meaningful and significant because of the value we, as individuals and in a social sense, place on it,” she tells AnOther.        Read the full Story >>

Resources: The Collector's Guide to Vintage Film Photography

Thames & Hudson   Wednesday April 18, 2018

You know that analog-photography trend you’ve been hearing about? Now there’s a book for it. Out from Thames & Hudson is Retro Cameras: The Collector's Guide to Vintage Film Photography, a “stylish guide for a generation that has moved from sharing vintage-filtered digital images via Instagram to embracing 'old school' analog film photography and manual cameras of all formats.” More than 100 camera models are included, from 35mm SLRs to instant cameras.   Read the full Story >>

Honor Roll: Andrea Bruce Wins $20K 2018 Anja Niedringhaus Award

PDN   Wednesday April 18, 2018

Photographer Andrea Bruce  has won the 2018 Anja Niedringhaus Courage in Photojournalism Award for her work focusing on people living in the aftermath of war, particularly in Iraq and Afghanistan. The award, from International Women’s Media Foundation, comes with a $20,000 prize. Bruce recently won a $30,000 Catchlight Fellowship for her current work about democracy in the U.S., notes PDN. Photographers Amber Bracken and Rebecca Conway won honorable mentions.   Read the full Story >>

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