David Schonauer

Books: Bill Henson Investigates Mortality

AnOther   Wednesday November 29, 2017

Nineteenth-century German poet Friedrich Rückert’s grief-stricken verse about the death of his two children later inspired composer Gustav Mahler to write his song cycle “Kindertotenlieder.” Australian photographer Bill Henson was just 19 when he first heard the music, which, he says, made him start thinking about taking pictures. AnOther looks at Henson’s new book, Kindertotenlieder: Mahler, Henson, Rückert, which pays homage to the poet and composer while investigating mortality through haunting imagery.   Read the full Story >>

Social News: Imgur Reveals 1.7M Accounts Were Hacked in 2014

Digital Trends   Wednesday November 29, 2017

Photo-sharing site Imgur recently announced that it suffered a data breach in 2014 but was not notified of the hack until November 23 of this year. Roughly 1.7 million accounts were compromised, notes Digital Trends. Imgur is still investigating the cause of the breach but said it suspects it was due to weaknesses in an older algorithm. The company has informed those who were affected and advised all users to employ safe browsing principles such as creating strong unique passwords.   Read the full Story >>

What We're Reading: South Africa, Divided by Apartheid and Still Divided

By David Schonauer   Tuesday November 28, 2017

Joao Silva came of age documenting social upheaval in South Africa. Between the early 1990s to the country's first democratic election in 1994, Silva captured deadly political violence that eventually led to the abolition of its system of racial segregation. "Two decades later, Mr. Silva still finds that stark social tensions continue to divide the country. The divisions are in as much economic ...   Read the full Story >>

Insight: Jarvis and Wong On Building Your Brand

Chase Jarvis   Tuesday November 28, 2017

Photographer and social-media heavyweight Chase Jarvis joins photographer and social-media heavyweight Benjamin Von Wong for a discussion on how to build a brand. The takeaway are three tips: 1. Put work into the portfolio you’d like to be hired to do; 2. Create projects with a headline in mind; and 3: Design the life you want to have. “[F]ocus on what you want and design your life around that. If you love traveling, you can focus on that and build your career on travel photography. If you like being on social media, you can create the social media content. If you hate it, don’t try to become a social media influencer,” notes DIY Photography.   Read the full Story >>

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