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Trending: Breaking Down Beyonce's Religious Iconography

By David Schonauer   Monday July 31, 2017

And then Beyonce and Jay- Z begat twins. And it was good: The arrival this summer of Sir and Rumi Carter was announced to the world with a memorable photo that has led to internet delve into art history to decode the religious iconography behind the image. We should have seen this coming, of course: There was plenty of religious symbolism in Beyonce's ...   Read the full Story >>

Media Watch: Why Print Looms Large for the Future of Newspapers

Poynter.   Monday July 31, 2017

Print is dead, blah blah blah: At the New York Times Co., for instance, digital-only subscriptions now outnumber print by more than two to one, and net additions per quarter, thanks in part to the Trump bump, have been growing by six-figure increments in recent quarters — but, notes Poynter, nearly 70 percent of the newspaper’s circulation revenue comes from print. Chains like Gannett, Tronc and McClatchy have been reporting strong percentages of paid digital subscription growth for the last year, and yet a surprisingly robust number of readers still prefer print.     Read the full Story >>

Books: The Case of the Wrong Cat

The New Yorker   Monday July 31, 2017

“In my 40 years on earth, a cat has always hung around me like a shadow,” the late Japanese photographer Masahisa Fukase wrote in 1978. One of those cats, a kitten named Sasuke, vanished from Fukase’s Tokyo apartment, and he put up “hundreds” of “Lost Cat” posters.  A few weeks later, a woman arrived with a cat like the one in the posters. It wasn’t Sasuke, but Fukase adopted it anyway. His loving portraits of Sasuke Number Two are collected in Afterword, a posthumous collection. The New Yorker tells the story.   Read the full Story >>

Art News: Was This Leibovitz Gift a Canadian Tax Dodge?

The New York Times   Monday July 31, 2017

Four years ago the modest Art Gallery of Nova Scotia scored a coup when it received a donation of more than 2,000 images by Annie Leibovitz. The gift, reports The New York Times, came from Harley Mintz, a Deloitte Canada partner, now retired, who bought the Leibovitz material for $4.75 million. Mintz stood to qualify for a generous tax deduction, but now a Canadian government panel that must sign off on the deduction won’t accept the $20 million valuation being claimed for the collection.   Read the full Story >>

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