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What We're Reading: A Critical Understanding of Edward Curtis

HYPERALLERGIC   Wednesday June 28, 2017

“Can one come to a revelation through a visit to an art museum, or is it something that can only be arrived at through a more intensive personal journey?” That is the question critic Sarah Rose Sharp asked herself after seeing “Edward S. Curtis: The North American Indian,” a massive installation of the photographer’s  30-year-plus ethnographic survey of Native American culture at the Muskegon Museum of Art in Muskegon, Michigan. The exhibition, notes Sharp, raises questions about how we justify art we find interesting.   Read the full Story >>

Insight: Instagram Co-Founder Mike Krieger On How to Stand Out

It’s Nice That   Wednesday June 28, 2017

With all the zillions of people on Instagram (see item 1), how do you stand out as an artist? Speaking at the London launch of the company’s partnership with artist platform Creative Debuts, the platform’s co-founder Mike Krieger underscored the power of biography. “One thing that’s resonated with me about [the creative] community is when you learn more about the story behind the artist. It’s not necessarily just about their work, it’s the reasons behind it, and why they make art,” he noted. See It’s Nice That for more.   Read the full Story >>

See It Now: Winners of the Red Bull Illume Photo Contest 2016

Red Bull Illume Image Quest   Wednesday June 28, 2017

Photographer Lorenz Holder has been named the overall winner of the 2016 Red Bull Illume photo contest for his reflective image of BMX Pro Rider Senad Grosic on a bridge in Gablenz, Germany. “I’d chosen a very low camera position to get an almost perfect mirrored scene on the water surface,” he notes. This year’s contest drew more than 34,500 entries by 5,646 photographers from 120 countries. Photographers were invited to submit action/adventure images categories, including Energy, Sequence, and Enhance.   Read the full Story >>

Tech News: A Powerful Mobile Projector for Artists

KICKSTARTER   Wednesday June 28, 2017

Now being funded at Kickstarter, Visio is a “super-powerful” mobile projector that may be ideal for artists who want to show off their work in a big way, notes Digital Trends: The 2.2-pound device projects photo slides onto potentially enormous surfaces, offering quality beyond that of 4K digital projection. You can pop regular 35mm slides into the device’s holder, including (of course) digital images converted to slides. “We aim to convey the pleasure of photo-projection to picture lovers,” notes the projector’s makers.   Read the full Story >>

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