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Dept of Ideas: The Faces Behind Craigslist's Platonic Personals

The New Yorker   Thursday April 27, 2017

New York City is a place where millions of people live close to each other, and yet it can also be isolating. Photographer Peter Garritano  hoped to explore this paradox in “Seeking,” a series of portraits of New Yorkers who have posted advertisements in the Strictly Platonic personals section of Craigslist. “We already know everyone’s looking for love,” Garritano tells The New Yorker. “I’m more concerned with our social requirements beyond romance.” Garritano contacted his subjects through their ads.   Read the full Story >>

Insight: How to Fly Drones for Journalism in the U.S.

Medium   Thursday April 27, 2017

Six months ago, Will McDonald, a digital producer at the Yakima Herald-Republic in Yakima, Washington, didn’t know much about drone usage rules as they applied to journalists. Then his newspaper bought a drone to help cover breaking stories. Now, McDonald is an FAA-licensed remote pilot with authorization to fly in many restricted airspaces and a waiver to fly at night for the next four years. He shares what he has learned in a comprehensive article at Medium.   Read the full Story >>

State of the Art: Bon Appetit's First Smartphone Cover

TechCrunch   Thursday April 27, 2017

Condé Nast Traveler and Billboard magazine have both recently published covers that were photographed with an iPhone, and now, notes TechCrunch, so has  Bon Appétit. Creative Director Alex Grossman says it made sense to put an iPhone pic on the cover of the May travel issue, given the connection between photography and travel. The cover was shot on an iPhone 7 Plus, in the Tlacolula Market of Oaxaca, Mexico, by photographers Peden + Munk, a.k.a. the husband-and-wife team of Taylor Peden and Jen Munkvold.    Read the full Story >>

Tech News: A Fast-Draw Triple-Lens Holder for Your Belt

PetaPixel   Thursday April 27, 2017

“There’s nothing worse than coming home from a photo shoot and realize that you’ve missed irreplaceable moments because you struggled with changing lenses, or that you simply were too lazy to go through the process,” says wedding and event photographer Jonas Lundin, founder of the Swedish startup Frii Designs. The company has brought out an interesting accessory called the TriLens, a swiveling triplet of lens mounts arranged in a triangle that you wear on your belt. Become a lens-changing quick-draw!   Read the full Story >>

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