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Honor Roll: Pete Muller Wins POYi Reportage Photographer of the Year

PDNPULSE   Monday February 27, 2017

Pete Muller has won Photographer of the Year award in the 74th annual Pictures of the Year International competition for a portfolio that includes stories focused on themes of conflict and masculinity around the world. In other POYi news, Matt Gade, a staff photographer at The Daily Republic in Mitchell, South Dakota, is the surprise winner of the POYi Sports Photographer of the Year for a portfolio featuring images of South Dakota rodeos and other events. See PDN Pulse for other POYi winners.   Read the full Story >>

Portfolio: The Forgotten Koreans of Mexico and Cuba

feature shoot   Monday February 27, 2017

In 1905, 1,033 Koreans boarded the SS Ilford, bound for Mexico and an imagined prosperous new life. The reality that awaited them was indentured servitude in Henequen plantations harvesting an agave then known as “the green gold” of Mexico. Many fled to Cuba, where they again faced work in Henequen plantations. Argentinian-American-Korean photographer Michael Vince Kim’s  series “Aenikkaeng,” a 2017 World Press Photo winner, tells the story of the Koreans of Mexico and Cuba. Feature Shoot has the story.   Read the full Story >>

Passings: Celebrated Chinese Photographer Ren Hang Dies at 29

WWD   Monday February 27, 2017

Ren Hang, one of China’s most celebrated and controversial young photographers, has died at age 29. Hang, who chronicled his own depression, is said to have taken his own life. WWD reports that he died on Thursday, while the Shanghaiist  reports that he committed suicide by jumping from a building in Berlin on Friday. Hang was arrested several times for his explicit photographs and experienced censorship throughout his career in his home country of China, notes Time, which describes his work as “a celebration of brazen exposure told through a language of graphic lines and block coloring. His subjects, always nude, were friends and more recently fans.”   Read the full Story >>

PPD Spotlight: Time Lapse Captures Emotions of High School Football

By David Schonauer   Monday February 27, 2017

The action and emotion of high school football are intense. And that intensity is what photographers (and PPD/Motion Arts Pro readers) Tracy Boulian and David Ahntholz set out to capture in a minute-and-a-half long motion project combining time-lapse photos and video sequences. Last fall the Southern California duo documented a game played by the San Juan Hills Stallions - the football team of San ...   Read the full Story >>

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