David Schonauer

Portfolio: How Highways Wrecked America

The Huffington Post   Wednesday August 31, 2016

The Interstate Highway System, ushered in by President Dwight D. Eisenhower 60 years ago, was an immense public works project that connected the country like never before. But, notes the Huffington Post, those 47,000 miles of federally funded pavement also decimated urban centers, including that of St. Louis, the home of photographer Michael DeFilippo. He has spent the past five months  documenting what freeways did to the city. “I wanted to show the unintended consequences,” DeFilippo says.   Read the full Story >>

Passings: French Photojournalist Marc Riboud Dies at 93

The New York Times   Wednesday August 31, 2016

The acclaimed French photojournalist Marc Riboud has died at age 93. During his 60-year career, Riboud photographed turbulent scenes throughout Asia and Africa, but he may be best remembered for two photographs taken in the developed world, notes the New York Times: The first, from 1953, shows a workman in overalls painting the Eiffel Tower. The second, from 1967, captures a young woman presenting a flower to members of the National Guard during an anti-Vietnam War demonstration at the Pentagon.   Read the full Story >>

Books: The Civil Rights Movement Beyond the South

J. Paul Getty Museum   Tuesday August 30, 2016

The history of the civil rights movement of the 1960s is often illustrated with well-known photographs from the deep South, shot in cities like Birmingham and Selma, Alabama. Historian Mark Speltz’s new book North of Dixie: Civil Rights Photography Beyond the South  focuses on  images of activists who fought campaigns against segregation, police brutality, and job discrimination in Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and other cities. It features a preface by historian and artist Deborah Willis.   Read the full Story >>

Art News, 2: LACMA's "Artists On Art" Interview Series

LACMA   Tuesday August 30, 2016

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art has launched a new video interview series called “Artists On Art,” featuring contemporary artists discussing works from the museum’s permanent collection. Among those interviewed are several photographers, including Catherine Opie  (talking about Thomas Eakins’s 1899 painting “Wrestlers”; James Welling  on László Moholy-Nagy; Judy Fiskin  on Lee Friedlander; and John Baldessari  on René Magritte.   Read the full Story >>

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