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How To: Shoot Gorgeous Interviews in Ugly Places, Make Better Travel Videos, and More

By David Schonauer   Thursday October 3, 2019

Shooting a documentary? Or a commercial video that includes interviews? You're good to go if you're working in a nice quiet, well-lit space. But guess what? That's not they way it always works. Today's round-up of filmmaking tutorials includes advice on shooting beautiful interviews in hideous places. We also have a tutorial on recording perfect audio during interviews. You'll also learn what not to ...   Read the full Story >>

Spotlight: A Honduran Family Separated by Zero-Tolerance

By David Schonauer   Tuesday October 1, 2019

Filmmaker Isabel Castro met Darlin in July 2018. Concerned over the Trump administration's policy of separating immigrant families at the border, Castro had gone to a detention center in Texas and volunteered to give a ride to a Honduran woman named Darlin, who was due to be released. The woman,, 26, had spent two months in detention. Her partner, Jefry, and son, Hamilthon, were ...   Read the full Story >>

Spotlight: Timelapses of the Near, the Far, and the Future

By David Schonauer   Monday September 16, 2019

The art of the timelapse has become ever more sophisticated. Today, for instance, we spotlight a 55-second time-lapse from photographer Aryeh Nirenberg that visualizes the Earth rotating around the Milky Way. He accomplished this by fixing the Milky Way as the point of reference and having the landscape spin instead. We also feature storm chaser Mike Olbinski's latest stunning timelapse, and a macro time-lapse ...   Read the full Story >>

Spotlight: Slow-Mo Standouts for August

By David Schonauer   Wednesday August 28, 2019

August is a time when it pays to move slow. And today we feature some very slow-moving people -- in New York City, no less. Filmmaker Glen Vivaris captured life in the very slow lane by aiming his Galaxy S10 out the window of a car and shooting with the smartphone's Super Slow-mo mode. "The car was actually moving really fast in comparison to ...   Read the full Story >>

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