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Tech News: The RODE SC6-L Adds Headphone and Mic Sockets to Your iPhone

CINEMA 5D   Thursday August 16, 2018

Remember when Apple took the headphone jack off the iPhone? “Of course, they included a lightning adapter, but if you’re going to carry adapters around, why not go big?” asks DIY Photography. That’s where the new RODE SC6-L — a 3.5mm-to-lightning adapter — comes in: It offers a pair of TRRS microphone sockets and a stereo headphone jack. “This might not be a groundbreaking piece of technology, but it is a much-welcomed addition to their lineup,” adds Cinema 5D.   Read the full Story >>

Screening Room: Facing Mortality In "Jonah Stands Up"

Short of the Week   Thursday August 16, 2018

“I started taking Ambien because I heard it makes you sleepwalk,” said Jonah Bascle, a New Orleans comedian and activist, in one of his stand-up routines. Bascle, wheelchair-bound because of muscular dystrophy, died in 2014. In filmmaker Hannah Engelson’s documentary Jonah Stands Up, we meet a Bascle facing his mortality. Short of the Week praises the doc’s appropriately “unrefined” aesthetic.   Read the full Story >>

How To: Soften Your Sharp 4K Footage and "Zhush Up" Your Cinematography

PremiumBeat   Thursday August 16, 2018

Sharp 4K footage is great, and with today’s camera technology it’s easier to get than ever. But sometimes you may not want sharp digital footage: “[U]ltra-sharp imagery isn’t necessarily a calling card of the “film look,” notes PremiumBeat, which offers tips on the best way to keep your footage from looking overly sharp, from in-camera techniques and the use of filters to working in post. Meanwhile, NoFilmSchool  shows you how to add some style to your cinematography with practical effects. Get some warped plexiglass!   Read the full Story >>

Focus on Photographers: Isabel Munoz's "Hidden Glances"

NOWNESS   Thursday August 16, 2018

Since the early 1980s, Spanish photographer Isabel Muñoz has turned her lens toward characters who challenge their societal structures and, consequently, face extreme injustice, notes Nowness, which features filmmaker Gonzalo Hergueta’s profile of the artist. “I wanted to use the same composed and minimalistic aesthetic that is found in her photographs, while the field work is shot in a raw and unfiltered manner,” says Hergueta.   Read the full Story >>

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