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Spotlight: A NYC Time Lapse, Droning the Alps, and the Aurora Australis

By David Schonauer   Thursday May 9, 2019

Today's spotlight of remarkable motion art is a world tour. We start in New York City, with time-lapse video from photographer Michael Shainblum. "I vividly remember my first experience of New York City as a kid, before I became a photographer," Shainblum notes "The sheer sense of scale, the incredible architecture and just the overall feeling I got walking around the city. That ...   Read the full Story >>

Spotlight: For This Music Video, Michael Wiehart Created Dancing Droids

By David Schonauer   Tuesday May 7, 2019

Do androids dream of electronic dance steps? They do in a video from musician Ali Hashemi's new music project Hooked on Bionics, whose first song, "Are You Human?," is, Hashemi notes, "a robot love story for the ages." The video was created by New York-based director and creative director Michael Wiehart, who shot, directed, edited, animated and composited the entire project by burning ...   Read the full Story >>

How To: Shoot B-Roll, Get Great Action Shots, Shoot Cinematic Footage with a Smartphone ... and more

By David Schonauer   Monday May 6, 2019

Got a smartphone? You can be a cinematographer. Today's roundup of filmmaking tutorials from around the web includes tips on how to capture high-value cinematic footage with a smartphone. One tip: It's all about lighting. Luckily, we also have a tutorial on lighting tricks you can do with your smartphone. There are also tips on shooting B-roll, how to get amazing shots ...   Read the full Story >>

Spotlight: Innovative Time Lapses and a Mind-Bending Animation Made from Google Earth Photos

By David Schonauer   Monday April 15, 2019

Drones as a tool for time-lapse motion art? Why not! In fact, drones may be the perfect tool to create a time-lapse tour of a city like Mexico City - home to 21 million and one of the largest metropolitan areas in the western hemisphere. Today we feature a four-minute hyperlapse exploration of Mexico City by aerial filmmaker Tarsicio Sanudo, shot with a DJI Mavic ...   Read the full Story >>

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