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Trending: Laird Hamilton Takes Waves in VR

Vimeo   Thursday October 19, 2017

See surfing legend Laird Hamilton chasing perfection in the form of 10-foot waves stretching over a mile near Chicama, Peru, where rides up to six minutes become the norm aboard hydrofoil surfboard design. To appreciate what a mile-long wave is like, the four-minute film Take Ever Wave: Laird in VR, from Ryot, lets you scan through 360 degrees. The video is making waves on the web: See Sports Illustrated  for more.   Read the full Story >>

Dept of Ideas: Practical Effects for Creating Halloween Gore

PremiumBeat   Thursday October 19, 2017

Are you working on a Halloween film project? PremiumBeat has practical filmmaking tips for creating gore effects that won’t break your budget. There's a recipe for fake blood (12 cups light corn syrup; 8 cups chocolate syrup; 6 cups strawberry syrup; 2 cups water; 1 ½ cups creamy peanut butter; liquid red food coloring; liquid blue food coloring; 3 cups non-toxic washable children’s classic red poster paint) and tricks for creating gashed and severed limbs. Please share your gory work with us at Pro Photo Daily!   Read the full Story >>

Tell Us About Your Motion Projects ...

Facebook   Thursday September 21, 2017

We’re eager to learn about your motion projects and to feature them here in the Motion Arts Pro edition of Pro Photo Daily. Looking for feedback on a work in progress? Do you have a finished piece you’d like the world to know about, or a Kickstarter project? Please contact me (button at top) to get in touch. Be sure to check out the Motion Arts Pro Facebook page, too. You can find an archive of Motion Arts Pro posts here and a look at the best of some of our posts on Flipboard. Follow me on Twitter @davidschonauer.   Read the full Story >>

Spotlight: Motion Highlights from September

By David Schonauer   Wednesday October 11, 2017

What happens when filmmakers focus on photographers? Among the motion pieces we spotlighted in September were a quartet of films exploring the creative processes and visions of photographers Daniel Arnold, Mark Romanek, Daido Moriyama, and Robert Whitman. We also featured a short film about Gui Martinez, in an in-demand photographer from Brazil who has made Tokyo his home, as he sets out on a ...   Read the full Story >>

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