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Tech News: Kessler Intros the KillShock Vibration Isolator

News Shooter   Thursday July 26, 2018

Kessler’s newly unveiled KillShock vibration isolator is a modular system capable of cushioning small to large payloads — and, notes News Shooter, it’s shockingly affordable. It has a round top and bottom plate and features multiple isolation distribution points and to keep the camera and gimbal mass centered. Depending on the payload configuration, you can use 3, 4, 6 or 8 Shock Modules. The KillShock with 8 medium standard Red shock modules has an introductory price of $1,199.95.    Read the full Story >>

On View: Triumph of Estella, a Real Underdog

NOWNESS   Thursday July 26, 2018

In this short from director director Tarek Serraj and Anorak Films, we are introduced to Estella, a Mallorcan Sheep Dog (in Catalan, Ca de Bestiar.) The breed has been unique to Mallorca since the thirteen century, notes Anorak producer Carwyn Jones at Nowness. “I think they’re better as a sheepdog than a border collie,” says Miguel, a shepherd and Estella’s owner. Sadly, he notes, the breed's status as working dogs may disappear within a generation.    Read the full Story >>

Insight: Getting Great Audio, in Three Lessons

DP Review   Thursday July 26, 2018

You’ll find plenty of advice in our roundup of motion tutorials (see item 1). But there’s always more to learn. DP Review offers tips on where to place a microphone to record great audio and shows how a cheap microphone positioned correctly will outperform an expensive model placed incorrectly. Meanwhile, documentary filmmakers will be particularly interested in NoFilmSchool’s two-part tutorial on sound recording in the field. (Go here for part 1; go here for part 2).   Read the full Story >>

On View: A Filmmaker Talks to His Immigrant Father-In-Law

The Atlantic   Thursday July 26, 2018

One night, filmmaker Brad Bischoff sat down with his father-in-law, Roberto Olivera, for a couple of beers. Bischoff knew little about Olivera’s background, save for his heritage as a Mexican immigrant. He decided to ask the man about it. The result, notes The Atlantic, is a meditative short film in which Olivera shares his hard-won life lessons over images of the tomato fields in which he toiled with other migrant workers.   Read the full Story >>

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