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Resources: Shane Hurlbut's Lighting Masterclass Comes to MZed Pro

MZed   Thursday July 19, 2018

Cinematographer and educator Shane Hurlbut’s Experience Lighting Masterclass has just been added to the MZed Pro collection of master classes. (You can stream the class — and others by the likes of Vincent Laforet and Alex Buono, for a yearly subscription of $299, which represents quite a bargain.) Seen as a companion to Hurlbut’s Illumination Cinematography Workshop, the Experience Lighting course provides you with on-set experience and practical lighting approaches that can be applied on your next shoot, notes News Shooter.   Read the full Story >>

Travelog: A "Coastal Reverie" in California

Vimeo   Thursday July 19, 2018

Directed by Jason Fitzgibbon and Octave Zangs, with cinematography, editing and color grading by Zangs, the short travelog A Coastal Reverie explores Montaña de Oro State Park, which encompasses roughly 8,000 acres of fog shrouded hills and bluffs south of Estero Bay on Central California’s coast. It’s a mountain-biking paradise, with trails built and maintained by a group of volunteers called Central Coast Concerned Mountain Bikers.   Read the full Story >>

Dept of Ideas: Start Your Own Netflix

nofilmschool   Thursday July 19, 2018

Netflix has changed the filmmaking landscape, providing a seemingly insatiable demand for content: This year the streaming service will spend more than $8 billion to create 700 of its own original TV shows and movies, and filmmakers everywhere are asking themselves, "How do I get Netflix to distribute my movie?" But, declares social media marketer Amir Shahzeidi at NoFilmSchool, you you don't need Netflix to get your work to people. You can just build a video-on-demand service yourself. All the tools you need are already available.   Read the full Story >>

Screening Room: Last Chance to Chase a Storm

Vimeo   Thursday July 19, 2018

Director Liam Saint-Pierre documentary The Last Storm tells “an unusual story of passion and friendship with a fascinating background dictated by Mother Nature,” declares Short of the Week. The film focuses on a 60-year-old man named Mark, who has been diagnosed with lung cancer. He wants to cross one more item off his bucket list: storm chasing. With tornado season fast approaching, he needs some help to make his dream come true.   Read the full Story >>

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