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Insight: Get Better Voiceovers, Eliminate Echoes in Big Rooms

DIYCameraGuy   Thursday February 15, 2018

Listen to a really good, high-end voiceover: There’s a warmth and richness that you may find enviable. A tutorial from Nathaniel Dodson of Tutvid  describes how to create better voiceovers in a few simple steps with Adobe Audition software. Meanwhile, Michael Lohrum of DIYCameraGuy has a tutorial showing how to eliminate echoes when you’re recording in a big empty room. It’s all about finding materials that are heavy enough to absorb sound waves and porous enough to allow sound waves can pass through, notes NoFilmSchool.   Read the full Story >>

Screening Room: The Polaroid Passion of Director Wim Wenders

NOWNESS   Thursday February 15, 2018

The celebrated film director Wim Wenders has in recent years become almost as well known as a photographer. In the latest installment of Nowness’s series of short films about photographers, Wenders talks about the immediate and disposable joy of capturing “quintessentially American landscapes—from neon-bathed motels to empty desert highways” via Polaroid images. He calls his Polaroids a “prolongation of memory.”   Read the full Story >>

Tech News: Arri's "Large-Format" 4K Alexa LF

DP Review   Thursday February 15, 2018

Cinema-camera manufacturer Arri has launched a completely new, “large format” 4K system comprising a camera with a new lens mount and 16 new lenses to go with it. The Alexa LF camera uses a sensor fractionally larger than what stills shooters would consider “full frame” and can record in resolutions up to 4.5K and at frame rates of 150 frames per second, notes DP Review. This marks the first time (sort of) that ARRI has released a camera with a sensor that is capable of recording 4K images without the need for upscaling, adds News Shooter. NS also has  a history of the Arri Alexa.   Read the full Story >>

Documentary: The Eight-Year Journey of Vietnamese Artist

Short of the Week   Thursday February 15, 2018

Short of the Week calls Chau, Beyond the Lines “one of the truly amazing artist profile documentaries of recent years.” The film, directed by Courtney Marsh, follows its subject on an eight-year journey from a care center for severely disabled children in Vietnam through his triumphant ascendence and his emergence as a celebrated artist — and a symbol for a generation of Vietnamese suffering the lingering effects of Agent Orange.   Read the full Story >>

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