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Insight: A Filmmaker's Guide to Chilling the F*uck Out

nofilmschool   Thursday November 30, 2017

You’ll find plenty of practical motion art tips in our “How To” roundup (see item 1). But we thought we’d throw in one more insight here that covers another important issue: NoFilmSchool spotlights a new post from YouTuber Darious Britt discussing how to navigate the emotional gauntlet that comes when your creative dreams meet the financial realities of filmmaking: Britt provides “a sober perspective on how to approach filmmaking in more practical, realistic ways so we can all chill the fuck out long enough to actually have a shot at turning them into a reality,” notes NFS.    Read the full Story >>

Screening Room: The New York "Layer Lapse"

Vimeo   Thursday November 30, 2017

Time-lapse photographer Julian Tryba  thinks big: “Traditional time-lapses are constrained by the idea that there is a single universal clock,” he notes, adding that this runs contrary to Einstein’s relativity theory. In 2014 Tryba released what he called a “layer-lapse” of Boston  that showed different times of day in different parts of each frame. Now Tryba is back with another layer-lapse, this time of New York City. PetaPixel  has more on how he did it.   Read the full Story >>

Trending: How Are Filmmakers Dealing With Trump? In Short Form

HuffPost   Thursday November 30, 2017

In the year since Donald Trump’s election as president, artists have grappled with responses in a variety of ways. But for the most part Hollywood has yet to directly confront Trump on the big screen (unless, of course, you consider Steven Spielberg’s paean to past journalistic exploits in his new film The Post). But, notes HuffPost, at least one medium has seen an immediate uptick in artists commenting on our polarizing current events: short films. Consider the 14-minute fiction film “Unpresidented,” which debuted at the recent Nitehawk Shorts Festival.   Read the full Story >>

Dept of Ideas: Animated Short Made From Single Photo

COLOSSAL   Thursday November 30, 2017

Speaking of animated stills: Colossal spotlights a 1:44 short film from animator Ismael Sanz-Pena  that brings the facade of Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim, Norway, to life through a unique continuous motion animation that uses just one photograph. “The film was made by zooming into the image and panning row by row while making sure that different architectural motives aligned in every increment,” says Sanz-Pena. “This also gave a structure to the film.”   Read the full Story >>

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