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Tutorial: 5 Basic Camera Moves to Maximize Your Handheld Gimbal

PremiumBeat   Thursday September 28, 2017

Over the past few years much of the hype from the release of the first handheld gimbal stabilizer — the MoVI — has died down and with it, notes NoFilmSchool, a lot of the crazy and often unnecessarily complicated camera moves that filmmakers used stabilizers to create. “Nowadays, new gimbal operators are just looking for the basics—the meat and potatoes that will help them build a sturdy cinematic foundation,” declares NFS. PremiumBeat has a tutorial on five basic camera moves that will help you use a handheld gimbal to its full potential.   Read the full Story >>

Screening Room: This Artist Mounted LEDs on Pigeons

Vimeo   Thursday September 28, 2017

Then again, who needs drones for aerial light shows? The short documentary Fly by Night  follows artist Duke Riley as he undertakes a noteworthy project in 2016: training thousands of pigeons outfitted with tiny LEDs to “twirl, swoop, and glide over the East River at dusk from a decommissioned naval vessel in the Brooklyn Navy Yard.” The documentary, commissioned by the public arts nonprofit Creative Time, was made by Olivia Loomis Merrion, a filmmaker based in Oakland, CA.   Read the full Story >>

Dept of Ideas: This Short Film Was Lit Entirely with Drone Lights

PetaPixel   Thursday September 28, 2017

Speaking of drones: PetaPixel notes that the use of drones to illuminate scenes and subjects using flashes and powerful LED lights is a new trend, a case in point being the two-and-a-half-minute experimental film mémoires, which was lit entirely with drone-mounted lights. “I think its this is an absolutely revolutionary way of film lighting,” says cinematographer Tim Sessler of Brooklyn Aerials. To make it all work, Sessler’s crew crew mounted multiple 100-watt LED chips onto MoVI stabilization systems to keep the light beams stable while the drones moved around in the air.   Read the full Story >>

Showcase: Tuscany Dawn, by Drone

Vimeo   Thursday September 28, 2017

The beautiful landscapes of Tuscany, Italy — rolling hills, vineyards, olive groves, cypress trees, and ancient villages — come alive in Tuscany Dawn, a short film from filmmaker Bjarke Hvorslev  shot entirely with a  DJI Mavic Pro drone. Hvorslev notes that the film, now a Vimeo Staff Pick, was shot over the course of a two-week vacation with his family. Hvorslev has also created an inspiring aerial travelog film about Iceland.   Read the full Story >>

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