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Tech News: Nikon's D850, and a Way to Turn Any Cam into a Webcam

CINEMA 5D   Thursday August 31, 2017

Nikon has officially announced its new D850, the company’s next-gen full-frame DSLR with a big 45.7 CMOS sensor, and the capability of shooting 4K UHD video  and 8K/4K timelapse creation in-camera with a built-in intervalometer, Cinema 5D has the details. Meanwhile, DIY Photography spotlights Cam Link, a tiny device that lets you turn any camera into a webcam. You just plug it into the USB port on your computer, plug in the HDMI cable of your camera, and you’re ready to stream. That’s handy.   Read the full Story >>

Spotlight: How Rose Wine Became Chic

By David Schonauer   Wednesday August 30, 2017

You no longer have to be embarrassed to order a glass of rose wine. Once considered little more than an alcoholic version of soda pop, rose has become widely popular and is now earning plaudits from wine connoisseurs: "More rose is now sold in France than white wine, and rose imports to the United States are increasing 50 per cent a year. A third ...   Read the full Story >>

Spotlight: 4 Short Films About Photographers and Photography

By David Schonauer   Wednesday August 30, 2017

It's not surprising that filmmakers are interested in photographers as subjects: The interplay and contrasts between the cousin mediums are complex: Over the years a number of famous film directors, including Wim Wenders and Gus Van Sant, have also become known for their still photography, while many well known filmmakers (for instance, Stanley Kubrick) started as photographers. The relationship between art forms is ...   Read the full Story >>

Primer: Four Essential Lighting Hacks for Fashion Cinematography

Aputure   Thursday August 24, 2017

Fashion cinematographer Kazu Okuda has worked with Nike, Vogue, and MOMA, and in a new Aputure video he describes four lighting tips that will help you make your work look more stylish. Among them: Know the “attitude” of your shoot: Whether you're shooting fashion videos or a narrative feature, you have to know the mood of your shoot in order to light it correctly, notes NoFilmSchool. Also remember that frontal key lighting is key: At the end of the day, adds NFS, the person you're lighting is the vehicle being used to sell a product and they need to be the focus.    Read the full Story >>

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