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Insight: 7 Tips for Making Your News Video Go Viral

Poynter.   Thursday August 31, 2017

News organizations, from MTV News  and Vocativ  to Mic, have been busily pivoting to video. But what are the best practices for outlets that want to publish exclusively on social media? A new study from the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism has the answers, notes Poynter, which summarizes its findings, including this: Texted short videos, defined as less than four minutes where text narration is used over a sequence of images, without a voice narration, is the most successful type of video in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.   Read the full Story >>

The Video Essay: How Edward Hopper's Art Influenced Film

Vimeo   Thursday August 31, 2017

Edward’s Hopper’s plaintive visions of the American landscape “left a giant brush mark on contemporary cinema,” notes NoFilmSchool. That fact is the focus of a video essay from editor Ignacio Montalvo, who highlights Hopper's direct influence on cinematography by placing his paintings side-by-side with film shots that borrow heavily from his visual language, from Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho to Woody Allen’s Manhattan.   Read the full Story >>

The Eclipse, 2: How I Made a Time Lapse While Still Celebrating with Family

DIYPhotography   Thursday August 31, 2017

Photographer Elijah Parker — one of the people behind Timelapse+ intervalometers — used the company’s the VIEW Intervalometer with two cameras (a Canon 5DIII with a 16-35mm f/2.8L lens and a Canon 7D with a 300mm f/4L 480mm equivalent lens) to make an eclipse time lapse near Emigrant, Montana. He also took along his wife and kids and managed to celebrate the solar phenomenon with them. He describes how at DIY Photography.   Read the full Story >>

The Eclipse, 1: See a 360 Video Shot by Stephen Wilkes

TIME LightBox   Thursday August 31, 2017

It’s probably only appropriate that photographer and filmmaker Stephen Wilkes — known for his “Day to Night” photo series (see our Profile) — ended up making a 360-degree video of the solar eclipse on August 21. Wilkes tells Time LightBox that he’s been using a 360-degree camera for the past year. He also brought a compact self-stitching camera to shoot the video showing the moon’s shadow sweeping across Wyoming’s Teton mountain range.   Read the full Story >>

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